Hospitalizations continue to rise as B.C. records 785 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 more deaths | CBC News
On Wednesday, B.C. health officials announced 785 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 more deaths.

an·ti-vax·xer/ˌan(t)ēˈvaksər,ˌan(t)īˈvaksər/nouninformalnoun: anti-vaxxer; plural noun: anti-vaxxers; noun: antivaxxer; plural noun: antivaxxers; noun: anti-vaxer; plural noun: anti-vaxers; noun: antivaxer; plural noun: antivaxers

  1. a person who is opposed to vaccination, typically a parent who does not wish to vaccinate their child."experts say several diseases that are avoidable are making a comeback due to anti-vaxxers who refuse to vaccinate their kids"Origin

early 21st century: from anti-vax.

COVID-19: Protesters target several B.C. hospitals, decry vaccine ‘tyranny’ |
Large crowds gathered outside several B.C. hospitals on Wednesday to protest what they described as the “tyranny of mandatory vaccines.” Vaccines are not mandatory in B.C.

Politics today is the same as ever only amplified exponentially by social media.  The same arguments between the same mindsets of freedom vs safety / public health we have forever seen reflected most vibrantly by Fox News.  It is odd that the people who are most offended by being told to be vaccinated because of it violating their freedom to choose what they do with their body are also the same people telling women they can't have abortions.

The population who accept wild conspiracy theory over proven and measured facts is significant and growing. Social media algorithms are designed to captivate and keep your attention. Your content preferences are identified by artificial intelligence programmed to keep you scrolling through your feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Machine-learning monitors what you click and how long you read or watch each media and then feeds back similar content.

These ignorant to fact clusters of people communicate exclusively with others online of algorithmic match for content preferences. Groups of "audience(s)" expertly designed to maximize advertising effectiveness creates the perfect theatre for feeding non-stop reinforcement of their political beliefs.

Right or Wrong will you will "feel" more and more right because you can see so many people who believe the same it must be real.

A billion people online are all connected in real-time sharing their lives constantly updating their status. We wear our hearts on our digital sleeves and give the world access to our feelings.

Politics 101 Divide & Conquer campaigns designed by political scientists and behavioral science /game theory experts aided by AI polarize society to today's unprecented level.

Our values and beliefs are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves. Our opinon is often no more than whatever our Mom or Dad, maybe brother, girlfriend or whomever we are near and trust.

As we live life we hear comments and opinions and develop our own ideas and form our own opinions. We take in bits and pieces of fact and theory as we move through life. News headline there, opinion from a buddy at work there, my Mom said this, my uncle said that.

Maybe you don't realize how ignorant to facts of reality you. I thought I knew more than I did and the more I learn the less I know.

How much of what you think you know have you fact-checked?

Why are you so certain you are right and others are wrong?

What evidence do you have to support your beliefs?  Comparing the other side of any argument including opinions that opposes your own is the only way to understand any issue in full reality.

Have you ever thought about this or are you blindly waving a sign about freedom while infecting people we love with a deadly illness?

Most people are sheep and have no idea the facts of reality and their opinions are fluid and sway to and fro with the popular consensus of whomever they identify with most.

We become more polarized less educated and detached from reality with each election cycle in every country. This isn't a Canadian problem. This is happening in every country around the world. Of course, only developed nations are fortunate enough to even have access to the vaccines. Most developing countries have no choice but to suffer without protection.

If a billion people tomorrow got a purple-coloured sugar cube. Just sugar. If everyone was told this sugar cube was a life-saving drug and took it.

Anything that happens to any groups within the billion group of people who ate the sugar cube will associate anything different they experience with the ingestion of the sugar cube.

Maybe a group in a region catches a different cold or there's a bacteria breakout in another area of the moon that is pulling the tides higher than ever and the gravitational orbit is affecting women's menstrual cycles and yet they will still think only the sugar cube.

Anything done in masses will inevitably overlap with events unrelated to the sugar cube and yet people will talk and be like this happened to me and her and my cousin too oh yeah it is a conspiracy!!!!

The government tells you what speed to drive your car where and what times. You have to wear a seatbelt when you drive your car and you have to respect others on the road to prevent injury and death. You wear a helmet when you ride your bike a hard hat and steel-toe boots at work. You wear condoms when you have sex and if you are infected with HIV and have unprotected sex it is considered a crime punishable by law. Why should you be able to walk around infecting the world with a life-threatening illness that you can protect the world from and you choose not to for your "freedom"?

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