There is a clear divide in this world of the leaders (Shepard's) of innovation.

OF8 Shepard's create more value faster in disruptive methods that often are laughed at, the founders dismissed as crazy optimistic dreamers without grounding and no sense of reality. The  and everything is flexible open for optimisation and are comfortable radical change.  


Conservatives VS Liberals

Differences in negativity bias underlie variations in political ideology
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Conservative traditionalists who are like sheep and look around them for guidance for everything they think and do. A Sheep will take the government's word over whether or not their own immediate friends and family they've known their whole lives over their own opinion about that persons value, guilt or innocence and will do as they're told without question. Sheep will never question their leaders rhetoric no matter how obvious the lies if everyone around them is doing the same and popular opinion in their present environment is consistent.

more terrifying is the clown who spent the time making this silly meme and is too ignorant (defined as uneducated often confused with rude because again ignorant people spread like covid-dumb and the more people that have it the more certain their wrong ascertains about anything and everything including policy they have no idea about have never read a word of and never will they just sheep like follow the herd and the more people around them who tell them things the more they believe they have the right idea and we end up with pockets of intelligent people often on coastlines in wealthier areas and then the fly over states where the red is on the map usually (in the states LOL) no time to continued but ill put you all in place sons i do and none of your herd opinions matter because I will change off of your minds to suit my needs by psychologically profiling you based on what you post like this for example my machine learning models would have had an event trigger recognized by computer vision NLP and dozen of other triggers like key word and entity combinations and based on how you react to each ad impression and your subsequent posts and that of your herd which by the way makes it so much easier you are are clustered into node grouped clusters I can leverage for the network facilitation effect on ROI and eclipse everyone so think what you think is your well educated opinion and unless it is real based on empirical facts you will believe what I tell you to whether you like it know it don't like don't care doesn't attar you are mine to control unless you harden up buttercup