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Ingrid Powell

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Jesse West James

Jesse West James 9:09 PM

Panda International Trade Board of Canada

Panda International Trade Board of Canada

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Thanks for being awesome!


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 8:51 AM

You are too!

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 1:46 PM

Aww, thanks


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 2:34 PM

Happy weekend!

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:04 PM

Thanks, you too

Have a great day


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 7:35 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 7:35 PM


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 7:36 PM


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 12:54 PM

How is it going?

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:48 AM

All good

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 7:46 AM

That's good to hear

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:03 PM

What are you working on?

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 2:10 PM

Thinking to revamp my gigs!

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:29 PM

What do you have in mind?

What are you passionate about?

What are your ambitions?

Who are you, what do you believe in and stand for and want to accomplish with your time on earth ?

And if your not planning on colonising a new planet you discover your not aiming high enough

Don't settle not even for a minute

Not temporarily cause you need the money 💰 i get an eviction notice every month

I figure it out barely make ends meet but I love everything I am working on and really will change the world for the better because of it

I am here to help you achieve your goals and objectives and will do so anyway I can maybe that's immigration to Canada or finding you a job doing something you really love

I don't want anything from you in return no joke no hidden agenda

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:34 PM

Well hidden agenda would be I want you to love me my family my friends my country our world humanity and the more I do good for you for anyone everyone I can the more people will do good for others because they'll see there is good people that do good things for no other reason than the love they get in return

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:35 PM

If we work for love if love from other's is the value the currency we trade in we will superceded our biological capacity and stop fighting like chimpanzee colonies behave in the wild jungles of the world

You can do anything you want

You can learn any skills to achieve anything you desire

There is no limit to your success or capabilities except the limit you give yourself

I used to think I was bad at math and stupid

I used to think everyone else knew me better than me

They'd make comments about what I should do with my life

What I should study

Well intended

My parents my friends and family

I considered their ideas seriously and they had told me to be a fire fighter and get a job with a steady pay check

Their ideas of what I was capable of and what my options are

Now they never said that's all I can do

If I am asking you if your going to Harvard Standford or starting the next Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Instagram or whatever business first and learning as you go

You start thinking in terms of should I go to Standford or make that App and get rich first

Then you pursue those ideas your concious of choosing out of the options you keep hearing from others are available for you to pursue

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:42 PM0:51


The World is yours ☺️😉😉☺️😉😉☺️😉☺️ 9

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 7:01 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 7:06 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 7:08 PM

No pressure no rush 😂 im still broke but might be funded soon whatever you want to be and however I can help I always Will if it is within my power and and it's Positive (you probably don't wanna kill kids or hurt anyone 🥺💜🇨🇦👽🥺)

I will always help if I can always ask never feel uncomfortable and I am not a weirdo creep hitting on you I am happily married with kids

I genuinely want to be helpful to you

Buzz me anytime for any reason always forever 😮✊✊✊❤️☮️🌍🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️🇨🇦😉⚛️⚛️💂⏳🥺💜🥺🥺💜🇨🇦🇨🇦🐼🧜🏼‍♀️🦥 333666999∞μ⏳⏳⏳💜💜💜💜🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🐼🐼🐼🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🦥🦥🦥🥺🥺🥺

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 3:03 AM


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 1:20 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 11:16 PM

Same to you

A few days later ☺️😉😉💪☺️😂☺️☺️😊

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 10:01 AM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 9:17 PM


Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 6:20 AM

Good morning👊

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 10:55 PM

Hello 🤩👋👋👋🤩🤩

Good to hear from you hope you are loving life ☺️☺️😊❤️✊☮️🇨🇦🐼🧜🏼‍♀️🦄🦥🦥🇦🇪🇨🇦⚛️⚛️

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 2:08 PM

Have to love life and appreciate it despite the odds

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 4:22 PM

I agree

What's keeping you busy lately?

What are you interested in working on?

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 4:24 PM

I'm building clothing stores online I can show you how to build your own same as me everything is free trials and won't cost you anything and if it's a winner you can make tens of thousands a month if it goes well

I haven't experienced this Success yet but maybe we both will enjoy the immediate success some people experience with the dropshipping model

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 8:57 AM

Lovely, I love positivity and what really keeps me going is that I refuse to give up,something has to work. That's lovely what kind of clothing do you sell? I had started with T spring but hasn't done much on it in a while.

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:06 PM

I just put together a list of URLs for clothes I like for myself

Make a store of you whatever you want to buy you want to wear you want to eat smoke drive everything

You are awesome

You are fascinating and of the world knew how great you are they'd be tripping of each other Racing to throw money 💰💰💰 at you

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:10 PM

There is an audience of millions of awesome people who love what you love enjoy what you enjoy believe what you believe and will follow you to the depths of hell and back if you be you the real you no pretend anything embrace everything that makes you you

The more unique the more weird embarassing maybe uncomfortable for any reason to share you like this product or that for whatever reason to please who ever for whatever reason

We all do our best to pretend we are all perfect

That we have everything under control are just fine and dandy and all is always well on the surface for everyone

And some are rich poor have love are lonely are wealthy in talent poor economically rich in friends poor in another area of life

You look at Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and we say to ourselves they made it they're good

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:14 PM

And financially sure they can buy whatever they want but they have their own struggles as humans we will all always be struggling with something and will be overwhelmed with stress and the most noticeable for everyone is money because it's tangible everyone wants it and if you collect more you have more options but we are transcending all that and let's start getting you setup online

It's free

There are free credits for thousands of dollars in all kinds of stuff I'll walk you through everything

Let's do it together but independently

Setup Accounts at

No alt text provided for this image

Get your Google Cloud Credits now

Or help me if you want I'd love to have you on my team

Federal Corporation Information

Active CBCA corporations are required to update this information within 15 days of any change. A corporation key is required. If you are not authorized to update this information, you can either contact the corporation or contact Corporations Canada ....

That's our company

Would love to help you immigrate to Canada too if your interested

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 4:32 AM

Good morning

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 4:36 AM

Lovely messages indeed.

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 5:47 AM

Hi 👋😊😊😊

Think of the Kardashians

They sell all kinds of products and services and none of what they sell has anything to do with their success

You think any girl can start a make up company and omg 🙊😧🥺💝😧🥺🙊🤯🤯🤯

I have an idea

Are you busy do you want to even if you are I want to do something great NOW 💜🇨🇦👽🥺 for you

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 7:06 AM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 2:21 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 2:24 PM

So sorry I got really busy and it will be a few more days I have a plan that includes you and it's for you not for me or anyone else if I can show you how 69 setup a store online you earn consistent good money at from the comfort of your home 🏡 if we get you really successful you can show others and do the same for them and you can have the successful friends of yours share with their friends and so and and so forth almost like a multi level marketing system only difference is we never make money off each other only with each other no one pays anything it's work not an expense and we will earn money if we do it right and we can keep trying till we get the right product whatever it is we are stronger as a team

Team doesn't mean you do well and pay me your anything that's a scam anyone who offers you anything you have to pay for to be included is a scam in my opinion

Love and respect

Looking forward to doing great things with you

I need a few more days


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Jesse West James

Jesse West James 2:28 PM

The 69 setup was a Sperling error hopefully you see that and as awkward as this is I only correct it because 9f the sexual connotations and I am not a creepy trying to sleep with you I genuinely want to just be there for you and be friends and colleagues and help each other Succeed

Ingrid Powell

Ingrid Powell 2:38 PM

Ok do what you have to,looking forward for more details.

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 4:50 PM


Jesse West James

Jesse West James 6:56 AM So are we really selling the world on 👽👽👽👾👾😁❤️🐼🐼🐼🐼✊🐼👑🏦🏦🏦🛸🛸🛸🛸🐼❤️✊👑👾😁❤️✊🐼👽👾 galactic organizations that have had longstanding agreements with the two most Militarily aligned countries with a President who will say and do anything you tell him and only has a month left for you to make moves to shit down Iran's nuclear program and you already dumped their best nuclear scientist in front of or near the family is how you had it written and. The technical hit itself was so sick man wow that's dope but that's gotta be wrong man we can't do this it's evil it's not right to kill the general of a sovereign nation you aren't of the same policy idealism ilk. You train the most Elite agents our species has produced to date and you've leveraged the worlds largest economy and greatest superpower to operate at your behest and you will have to take less trips to the Senate floor to demand action on global policy that changes the global economic dynamics for us all and fuck you how can you be right how can you be the good guys and Iran is the evil bad guy with sinister intentions why because your cowardly protected soft as a soup sandwich morale of your truths the truth will be known to all and in a fashion transcends USA lobbying efforts

No alt text provided for this image

All you need to know about the Panama Papers

Jesse West James

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