What is the aggregate global invested market cap of every index from every exchange of all types from all countries ???

(i square root of -1 = DERIVATIVE)

Let's classify all assets globally by liquidity velocity meaning the rate at which conversion to immediate use of is possible (e.g. IBM shares , Berkshire Hathaway whatever has to be converted i.e. sold for fiat currency probably because it is a NYSE listing (or is it i doit even know I assume it is S&P 500s #1 but who cares not relevant here ) or USD itself has to be converted at whatever exchange rated in whatever local fiat is required and if there are additional transaction steps to buy whatever product or service you need in whatever region you are trying to acquire said asset and the importance of this "liquidity velocity AKA Exchange Velocity" is relevant to the real movement of value globally and while western union for example has more locations for a money transfer service than anywhere else the same common region to region transfer account for the majority of all transfers i.e. who sends money from Bangladesh to Bolivia ? There are sending and receiving nations which majority value on one side or the other and the rate at which you can say hire a freelancer to complete a machine learning API configuration and model training if when I hire on