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GrocerGram competes directly with Instacart many others worldwide that offer similar services. What makes GrocerGram special and different is our revenue model is geared towards the shopping agent(s) / delivery driver(s) sharing profits liberally with our workforce our company’s lifeblood is paramount to market capture and rapid adoption we will need to gain the international momentum to monopolize the on-demand supermarket space.

GrocerGram is the DBA name of 6360025 CANADA INC. For the time being. We want to use the 6360025 CANADA INC. As a holding corporation and GrocerGram, Apples & Oranges, OF8 AI/ML, Outlier Clothiers,, and any other future endeavours be provincially incorporated as separate business units owned and operated by our parent holding corporation 6360025 CANADA INC. The plan is to fail fast Jack Welch style fail fast and cut deadwood asap always stay lean mean and always growing and developing into a multi-national conglomeration. Each business unit will be easier to manage as compartmentalized limited liability business units.

Apples & Oranges is the price indexing web scarping business unit that will ultimately be a collection of data lakes ( from each business we scrape data for OF8 (our AI/ML business unit and the cortex of the conglomerate). Starting with GrocerGram because it is the most complete plan ready for funding and go to market implementation. GrocerGram is a network facilitation business model for on demand anytime 24/7/365 2 hour or less delivery service for supermarkets/any merchant with publicly posted catalogues online we can scrape product images, pricing data, everything applicable that makes sense to scrape. We will operate the way Geico offers insurance showing globally the comparable costs of everything with business opportunities developing as our world wide pricing index grows and gives the world better more accurate metrics to evaluate any economy at any scale be it regionally (e.g. provincial, state, municipal, federal or worldwide and of course comparison between nations. The stock market is such a poor way to evaluate how the economy is actually performing because how many people of the majority of the population of any nation are invested in the markets enough to feel them like that and how does that tiny fraction of a powerful elite subgroup give accurate insight into any economy?

Starting here in Victoria I will use these technologies to scrape all locally published grocery/supermarket/everything I can that makes sense to scrape and aggregate for sale on a shopify, Magento instance that will be structured as micro services with Cloudformation templates with load balancing so as traffic increases servers are spun up and shut down as traffic slows optimizing expenses and user experience. I have templates and staff and I’ve been working on this for years and need funding. I need help please and I have business plans and know exactly what to do. I can’t seem to get a meeting with anyone at ViTech for the life of me.

Jesse James


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Democracy is choosing between who we offer you be it a giant ignorant clown or a senile old man who shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car in public due to his age nevermind run the worlds most brittle house of cards stratosphere reaching heights gutted of value and stacked into derivative packaging awaiting the biggest most drastic crash that will level the USA to perhaps MAD MAXX lifestyles with big TRUMP TRUCKS BOOOM BOOM BOOM

[3:57 a.m., 2020-11-03] Jesse W James AKA Jesse J: fundraising is all I am focusing on now and I need anyones personal website URLs, Degrees, Certifications, email addresses, phone numbers, all info relevant to your experience, goals for yourself and your skill set and work preferences including anything extra you have time to add to our team member profile pages that should include what you have worked on before, what you are doing now, what you would do for fun / hobby/ passions and moonshot goals you are comfortable sharing (mine include world peace, solving world hunger, ending corruption of our governments worldwide so don't feel embarrassed its called moonshot for reason)
[4:03 a.m., 2020-11-03] Jesse W James AKA Jesse J: Brother Awesome, Vikas, and ideally A will help me with the publishing side of Things here but ML /AI pros are what we need to focus our well everything it is what powers our entire business ecosystem and is the only reason we can all come from different regions from different backgrounds education experience everything we are all a little different and all the same in the most important character and mental fortitude and all very very different in more ways than not and thats what makes us great and with the AI powered edge that will give us superhuman global scale reaching power to go from brand awareness in a sea of competition to monopolising everything we touch and this is why now structure and who we take money from for what terms over what time everything it all matters and we must do everything possible to circumvent the eventual government intervention / regulation/ and ultimately the ability to control and force or limit our capabilities/ activities/ anything difficult to monitor tax and regulate is of great fear and concern for lawmakers of all governments in all regions
[4:07 a.m., 2020-11-03] Jesse W James AKA Jesse J: the laws and the governments of the nations who draft them and vote them into legislation is the will not of the majority of the population of any country on earth but of the handful who understand the game have been entrenched into the circles of influence and power and you end up with Democracy that is the democratic choice between the biggest dumbest brightest orange clown superstar the world has ever seen that will run live infomercials for the world to see at any summit or press hearing pump and dumping stock of whatever is clever for the day close of day week month quarter or annual close price lol
[4:08 a.m., 2020-11-03] Jesse W James AKA Jesse J: or the 109 year man who can't remember his own name on a bad day and on a good day reads the teleprompter with ever slowing more squinting and a wavering smile as he tries to understand the words esacping his old ass mouth
[4:09 a.m., 2020-11-03] Jesse W James AKA Jesse J: democracy is here pick the devil or Jeffery dalhmer as your president lol oh and those two were selected from a handful of the people we say you can vote into office even Kayne West Got screwed for "late registration" a mean jab at his resilient ego of mind boggling proportions

You created this group
Hey everyone
This is the board of directors here plus Vansh Jatana who I hope will join our team
And my Chinese friend who I also hope will join us CANADA INC.&crpNmbr=&bsNmbr=
Oh the ai monk
I've been through his site so far
Thats his resume I need to get to know him better
Ai monk is vansh
That's correct
He's in the new group chat I created
Everyone is on different time zones
Okay sounds good and makes sense. And all the more exciting
You talk to Anatol ?
Omg I want him on our board
I can't get a hold of him
He's amazing
I love that guy
I did in the beginning a lil bit. I havnt spoken to jim properly yet. I think I'm excited to talk to him about all the finds in his resume
Hes soo cool
Alright let's go through this
We want to build strong blacklivesmatter matters campaigns
And mitigate violence between the police and the population
I love it
I think police officers need to see themselves regardless of how jacked up they are as fathers and mothers of society.
Not everyone is here to be against them
They need to treat young boys like the teenagers they are instead of like ogers
Boys kids .. especially boys ... I'll say it to the men In here your still growing as a kid or a teenage its not their job to know how to deal or talk to a police officer or peiple in authority
Its their job to know how to talk to them and to see the truth or hear things no kne else would
Their not set up properly eigther though in a way that makes a real impact on our community thats where we all fail and our politicians have failed or the chiefs of police
Which one of you men as a you g boy didn't have high blood or testosterone especially when you just became a man
You think your superman
And you deal with things as you learning .
Most boys especially when their scared run their mouth or are hot heads
Its the cops job to create common ground
Make the teenagers feel safe
Life isn't a video game
Great video im watching as I type... yes they are doing too much and they are frozen from all that they deal with
Frozen people handling society
They need to be built up from the bottom again
America especially...
American cops are no different then india
I don't see a different
The other day I had to call the cops for a suicide issue and at first it was fine bit they failed that one horribly and showed a lack of human care
And made the situation worse because they don't care and bullied the same human
How is any of rhat okay especially in such a critical sensitive ordeal
Now you just don't give a fuk
Cis yes if she was white they woukd have been kinder
Why does it even have to come down to that especially in Canada where our economy and culture is definitely not built on that
How did our cops end up like that
They went so horrible before bit its a growing trend here too
The older cops the ones that have been around loner the ones with grey hairs are still handling things better then these younger ones that don't give a fuk to even do their jobs
I'm so disappointed in them right now
But I am blessed enough and privileged enough to have met some pretty awesome ones too
Chikd born in the middle east hehehehe
The police and doctors the ones that malpractice are the hardest to bring out
Maybe they need to jist come in love and not hate and racism
Racism on a community level especially in America is a huuuuuuuge problem in a way canadians could never under
Understand *
You here buddy
Now parv
What exactly did you need from Luis
Hello nice to meet you
I need a resume or a write up of your experiences and if you don't have one we can get on a call at your convenience.
We need to organize our team and get to know you all
As we go and this is for everyone I will need to do the legal parts of our employee papers
ok perfect .. now it's late here in Colombia, but tomorrow morning I'll send it to you
Okay sounds good. I apreaciate
Thank you very much for your contribution to the team, we need to organize ourselves and start the project
Yes exactly
Send it to
I've gotten a couple already. Anyone that still needs to send their please send to this email
I apreaciate your contributions too
Let's do this
We got this mighty team
Let's do it
Let's do it💪🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🧘🏿‍♀️🔥🦋🐻🙏
It sounds interesting
definitely... Interesting is good. Also Chrispin did you know that emerald is the stone of writers and justice
Emerald is an amazing stone metaphysically
Yes man
great way to start off our projects
blessings of the universe
We shouldn't even west time
I have a big connection with our government
Nothing can stop us
We apreaciate your part and work ... nothing can stop us
We got this
We have an amazing team
I look forward to getting to know you all as individuals
I can't wait for that
Love the vigour
Chrispin YOOOO
What's up brother
I'm glad you're here
We're getting organized bro
The world is ours
Yes buddy how is it
Did you see the video ?
You see the mining guy ?
I'm gonna connect you directly this week
Yes man am glad
They are the best and Canadian and discovered the world's biggest gold nuggets lol
I'm so excited for you bro
Now the way it works with our business we all need to talk about and decide
Because for example your mine is extremely valuable
No problem bra
And so is the artificial intelligence software other directors are making
And we need to figure out share allocation and I'm thinking for situations like this for Awesome Brother your Facial Recognition Products
Maybe you would be most comfortable if we incorporated seperate business units for each venture
Separately incorporated and you then would choose your board
Ideally these busineses units are owned by the master parent company which you are all now directors of
It's also a good idea
So we all need to decide if we are just saying we're all in all of us because we all bring unique value to the table
My preference would be that equal across the board we all share profits expenses and do whatever we are most passionate about
And we have a great team here that is either technologically advanced or Politically ambitious and hardworking and dedicated to getting our people voted into offices around the word
Together we are incredibly powerful
I hate money causing issues
And I don't care about it
Everyone can have whatever they want as far as I'm concerned
Now how do we accumulate the funds though am a little bit behind
We just need to avoid anyone catching feelings getting resentful or feeling unappreciated
Everyone needs to be compensated and appreciated
I am not a business administration expert and was really hoping Anatol would be our lead here
I'm big picture contacts and business development and foreign policy focused
So there is still lots to talk about between all of us and we're all on different time zones
Haha it's pretty awesome
Yes as for me this is wen am even going for work
So were is this guy Asesi from
He sounds committed
He is amazing
You are all amazing
Thank you so much
I really appreciate you guys and girls
Apreaciate you all too
I look forward to getting to know all you amazing individuals
Still in the process
This is a crucial point in ours and mankind's history for us to come together on this . May we all ride the wave ferociously
Let's change the world ladies and gentlemen
Love LinkedIn
MD Iidake joined using your invite
I will keep working on connecting with and learning how to immigrate everyone here so you all have dual citizenship with Canada (can't guarantee anything other than my best efforts)
Hi 👋😊 brother
How are you today??
doing good ALlhumdulilah
how're things going at your end
Wonderful my phone keeps ringing though and I can't find the source of the call LOL
Random app maybe it rings and rings and no sign of what or why my phone keeps ringing
Forgive my ignorance how do I respectfully and properly reply to
doing good "ALlhumdulilah"
yeah maybe you a lot of apps installed in phone
Too many
On my laptop too
My greatest weakness is organizing
Everything is everywhere
I lose value all the time
You can say MashAllah
Wonderful!!! Thank you, what does it mean ?
Means Thanks to God for everything
like you say o nice ,,
hi guys how are you
Thank you for the context brother
Hey Luis - have seen a lot of video slips and msgs for you from James
That's awesome
Isn't it !!! james 😎
I appreciate the guidance it's important to me that people from other cultures I am ignorant of know I appreciate them I am aware of my ignorance and I'm grateful to learn the ways of their culture
Ooo yes
Yes Luis is cut from the same cloth as us all here we are all of the same gold hearts and resilience
Always here to learn and teach things
Well if we are like brothers
I encourage you to all share with and talk to get to know and support each other
Everyone is here awesome and talented in their own special ways
Brothers indeed
Thank you all for being here
Can't wait for that day when i will be invited for dinner/lunch and yes for eggy breakfast made by you some days ago @Jesse W James AKA Jesse J 🤓
do you remember our last chat on that hahha
Haha I do
So funny you mention
I literally just at that exact meal less than a minute ago
hahaha am on right time then
Parv is like that
She will call me randomly
We haven't spoken in oh jeez what was is sister
Over a year maybe
And I'm in a desperate position
And she's like hey I felt you needed me
And I'm on a boat at the time
And she is there on the other side to give me a ride and bring me back to the boat after my mission id have certainly failed without her help
Do you remember that day sister???
It's really special how advances she is spirituallly like that
hmm cool
Things we can never prove or measure well not with current technology
Yeah bro another time in LA
She connected with oh Parv we should definitely include Johnny
He's our USA contact of the most trusted friend
okay cool
We need to get everyone paid contacts
Parv has full Administration access to everything in Canada and is here and things will move along much faster now
Everyone needs to be paid at least a basic gaurenteed salary
Everyone has to eat and pay bills
So that's primary
We need Anatol's help and Parvs help organizing and securing funding well I can secure funding once all our corporate docs and everything is properly filed and all the programs we qualify for are applied for and approved
We are slowly and steadily moving forward and the rate at our development increases daily so thank everyone for your patience and understanding during these initial start up days
We will take the world by storm
Using private army's if necessary
Physical power
Home base of our business and the plan we can leverage to bring everyone here quickly we need allies in France to help us find people like us there and I am somewhat biased towards the French and have lots of negative feelings towards them basically I feel they're cowards
I must learn more positive and shake these feelings
The French foreign Legion of course I don't include in this but that's almost always immigrants that nvm
Lol 😂
Quebec is the easiest way to get you all here
At this time with current legislation I've done lots of research
It's our fastest best choice
If we ever need non NATO oil or gas LOL
That's the plug
You changed the group description. Click to view.
You added R B, Johnny AsiannLLa, S M, Data Excavation, Nick Flip, Doug Whital, Hilly Bellies, JeffFortMax, Nathan Erlandson, Si, Wilson DosnSantos Silva, Leo, Sidu, Fred India, SalFresh, and Zunit Lox
Hi 👋
I've added some people I'd like to include if they're interested in working with us
Zunit your already a board member lol 😂😂😂 love ya bro you never got back to me so I just added you anyway
Doug Whital left
Here is the proposal he sent me

Sent from ProtonMail mobile

-------- Original Message --------
On Oct. 5, 2020, 2:21 a.m., Anatol Dukanov <> wrote:

Dear Parveen Parmar,

I have 26 years of experience. I have a genuine personality, committed and ambitious with an entrepreneurial approach. I am a manager of people and interested in different cultures and able to handle stress. Even though I am a natural leader, I am also a team member, which means a real commitment and not afraid to make decisions.

I worked in several companies and consultants on the implementation of several construction projects in the field of education and on-site construction. And coordinate teams and positions posted that I have given complete control studies…
This is who we want to lead our charge here as our COO or whatever hat he wishes to wear he is by far our most well rounded and experienced team member (hopefully he will join us )
Parv I hope you don't mind me sharing everything should always be transparent anyways CANADA INC.&crpNmbr=&bsNmbr=
This is us
So far......
excellent team
I am very happy
Slow start and we're still broke
Big things start small
Anything worthwhile takes time
JeffFortMax left
We will rise together as a team as a family
When I add new group members
Do they have access to all the content in the conversation threat I've shared prior to their joining ?
Can anyone confirm this for me please?
Sorry wrong window
Hey bro welcome
Thank you for adding me
Thank you for inviting us. 👍
Hey bro
Glad you're here
Now do you have access to all the media I've shared here ?
I don't know if it retroactively makes that available to those who join the group post media send ?
No. You might need to re-post. But, Telegram handles it differently. New members to a group can still see the last 100 most recent posts.
What a bummer man lol I'll export this whole convo for you and send to you directly just a moment please
I joined yesterday. So, what you have posted since then, I can see them
Oh shit sorry
I just spammed you then lol
Panda how is it
Hey Bro!!!👋👋👋
It's good bro 👌😎
How is it on your side ?
U alright
I'm getting there lol
We need capital
It's cool man
We have together so many resources and we once organized are an unstoppable team
When will you be available for the call to the Gold Mining Executive in Toronto !
We need to figure out time zones he's waiting for me to tell him what time works
Any Time buddy
Mine: Anytime between 8:30 & 5:30 GMT.
Ok thank you
And chrispin do you have Zoom ?
Hi there
Greetings from Russia 🐻
How's it going? What's new? 😀
Zoom has in ?
I think I don't have
You have laptop bro ?
Oh MD I have something I want to show you
Also we have the best technology partners like Vikas when he shows up here is amazing Vansh is not yet a director (I hope you will join us bro ) and Brother Awesome is also highest caliber quality technology person
So let's work together and help each other make all of our pursuits more valuable and competitive
We need to all get organized on some platform like Asana or Monday or Slack
Which one you prefer?
Hey bro !!!
Brother Awesome hellooooo
Regarding my preference I don't care one way or the other
Hello buddy.
Whatever helps everyone work together best
I have templates for AMP ready websites I'd like to deploy with our business plans and team management info
Does anyone here know about data lakes ?
I have no experience on that.
We need a datalake to dump all our organizations data into and maybe elastic search and some next gen indexing services we may have to develop ourselves because so much data is wasted and we can configure S3 buckets to nvm lol
What you want to with it?
We need to figure out how to best organize and work together as you can see this is messy and impossible to work this way with a big multi national team in so many businesses
Oh yeah so regarding the data lake(s)
I want to dump all my data that is spread across 3987 Accounts
Drives clouds freelancer accounts everywhere man it's everywhere
I want to do takeouts (all data downloaded from Facebook accounts Instagram Twitter YouTube LinkedIn everything and get it all consolidated and organized
Now from my limited understanding
First of all we need to know how the data lake platform works.
Data lake is designed so we can dump unstructured data of all Media types into one bucket
Ok well.
For example a problem for me tonight
I'll trying to get all my OUTSTANDING invoices organized to upload to Canada government so I can get us funded
And theres thousands of them spread across a few hundred accounts and that's just this year I'm struggling with I have 13 years of data lol not that that's all relevant here but let's say for example this invoice issue
If I did a search and found all invoices account by account with pdf attachment (I'll use thunderbird email client to add email accounts the the extract plugin to get them all) so now I have hundreds of pdf invoices right
I don't want to manually calculate them all it's a pain so instead we use AWS textract and extract relevant data (e.g totals owed to whom due when)
And organize my workflow much more effectively
Now we all likely deal with similar and different issues that limit our potential
The goal is to focus on value creation not administration
So we need to always be optimizing and automating anything we can programmatically do that a human is wasting time on
I don't know how to best capture all our information but all isn't necessary for now for now I guess I need help more with websites it's so stupid how much time I waste with html CSS JavaScript frameworks and I'm not a developer
Brother Awesome will you help me complete a website
I have $4000 USD in Google ads credit right now
We can use that to send traffic to our site we use to raise money for all or projects
I used wordpress only cause it's all I know really but I'd much rather use AMP only
This guy makes beautiful templates I bought them all
I can't use them though because I suck at developing
I also have this app template I can't seem to figure out and I have all the content ready everything even staff to start working the app delivering groceries and whatever we need
Login to my envato account and see for yourself
My username jessejames33
Password Is : Freedom33$
Morning ladies and gentlemen... I am going through these messages ... listening to the first video about sadhguru. Sadhguru is my little brothers fave. Ahahaha he makes all the boys.. his brothers who are my brothers watch him and hence me. Very wise man. Many debates come out of that one. And yes brother I do remember. I'm glad I was able to be there for you. That was a crazy time even for me. Spirtual things... I blame that one on God. Or my spiritual bloodline heheheh.
. It was a good time to connect with my brother. Yes we definitely have to include Johnny. He's smiling Bhudha. I love him. Such a great man. Helped me sooo much when I was in L.A ... such a positive human being. My fave American. I see you've added him here. Johnny I hope you'll join u…
We got this
Roar 🐻🐻🐻🔥
I love sadhguru , he is grate spirit. And theologian , he is grate guide ..listen him ,you feel fantastic.
Hey Parv Hi bro
I setup a new AWS workspace and have been up all night trying to do the taxes
Its so hard and I hate it
Password is Freedom33$
Its okay I'm gonna have some coffee or tea and help you out. Garher. Yeah taxes is not a easy feat. Lol. ... smh are we using Amazon workspace or Monday workspace?
Same workspace as before I just changed it from Linux to windows
Maahi is it... yes definitely a theolagian. Your right. And you do feel good listening to knowledge coming from him. I think great spiritual individuals have that effect on others.
We still need a project management platform
Well we kinda had both going
Here's a song for the day... let's go Monsters 💪🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣👹👾
Jesse never stops.take it easy brother .lol save me some energy for
😅😅😅🤣🤣🤗 he's gonna go super hard then crash into silent mode
Relief your stress
Organic paint
At my olive farm back in lebanon.i love my
Sorry Mr Jesse I just wanted to put a 😃
Love it. A pink organic donkey
What's does it mean when a security code changes?
Hi guys how are you
Took im not italian I dont eat donkey sound that you want to have an organic touch my
Lol you don't have to worry about that. I am vegetarian
But I do eggs. So maybe hide the eggs
We r good. How are you today Luis?
Hello, very good and you ?
Doing really well. Its a good morning so far. .. what time of day is it over there in Columbia?
In Colombia it's 10:40 in the morning
We re in different time zone
what time is it there ?
9:42 a.m I'm going to make an effort to try to remember your time zones. Although sometimes I'm up late working too. I find my mind usually works the best at night
Mmm complicated the subject of schedules
Definitely... but I'm sure we can all make it work
with how far technology has come and we all have our own internal clocks . we got this.
Bro I'm so happy you looked into mercenaries and found a great sum up video. I feel that it will be crucial to our work and extremely beneficial. Our work will be protected and surprisingly Canada does have this side as well
Also I don't think the previous messages will show for the ones you added
Vitaly good to see you here too. Was wondering where you were
awww defend the defenders
Mr. Luis brother... e mail please🙃 I want to get the main people organised before I go to the new ones
Hi 🤚
This is my e-mail
You added Yusuf
Hey 👋 Yusuf
Welcome This Is The Team here
Nick Flip left
Welcome brother, I am with you
Welcome, all my brothers
Thank you mr jesse for bringing the good smart brains to this room we shall all benefits if we share the same believes in humanity .peace and saving the earth.and of course we will make money.thanks Jesse again.
May God bless us all for doing good and helping the poor and needy
May God the universe bless us all truly
China Contact left
Hey guys
Welcome brother
What is this very nice?
One of the 3 Brothers of China 🇨🇳. The three dragons of china
This is the first time I've heard of it
These pictures in Syria innocent escape from killing
The situation is very tragic. People are living under tents to escape the war
This innocent girl has been hit by shelling
I apologize for these harsh scenes, but we live by them every day
No. Its good your sending them. We need to see them. We live our privledged lives on the backs of those babies
We're only seeing. Their living
In this clip there are harsh pictures that you do not let children see
I play for this country to be out of this kind of bondage
The way I see it. Letting it happen is as good as playing a part in it
May God bless you, my brothers, we are helping Jesse and I create a humanitarian charity to earn money and support children, women and orphans who now live under trees and in tents.
They are living in a tragic humanitarian situation and they are coming to winter and they have no shelter, and we want to earn money and help them.
You all my brothers, let us be one hand and help them with whatever he can offer
I was saying. If you see something happening and you have the power to do something about it and you just walk away. Your apart of the problem and the oppressor yourself. And sorry brother I didn't get your name yet?
100% y r right.
My name is Yusef Al-Daher, from Syria, from Idlib Governorate
Interesting .
Thank you
Nice to meet you Yusuf Al-Daher. You too Nutsy. What is your name?
Lololol Jesse this is too complicated for me lolol
Even in arabic
Let's stick on the nutsy fir now pls no offence but I ll introduce myself later .Mr Jesse knows my full details .but I have my reasons.pls understand.tnx when the time comes I will..
Lol but dont worry i dont work for any spy agency or any govertment booolooonies.
Thank you all, you are great
I have a lot and lots of friends in idlip.nice people.
I hope one day syria comes back as heaven as it was before.shame.
The people you know are they Syrians?
Yes, you will return, God willing
Did you go to Idlib?
Long time ago.alreqaa is nice too
nice to meet you
I am also honored to meet you
Well Mr. Nutsy I do have to get to know your name very soon. so that I can start your file as well. But for now we are good. We have others here that I can get to first before you. Since that is what you prefer. I like the name Nutsy. You bring spazz to the game. Good to know your not some government boolony. Honored to meet you tooo Yusuf Al-Daher🙏🏾 May Syria be returned to the beautiful heaven it once was full of light and laughter. I have met some Syrian moms here and wow they are sooooo beautiful. So loving and so Kind inside and out. One mom we met during christmas gave me and my little brother who by the way is a man now lol but she gave us soo much love. We were honored. I thaught it was really cute that even my brother was like m…
Thank you, you are a wonderful person
Nah Yusuf not at all. Just a human experiencing life. I commend the work you do for us humanity. It takes gut and heart to endure and do what your doing. Its not a easy path and here you are. We thank you for your service to humanity
Software Ventures... nice to see you in here. And what is your name? Dear sire... 🎩
Thank you I work for humanity because we are honest and I want you to be in my side and help me in this path
In the camps families do not have a bread tie
There are many people under trees without shelter
A bread tie?
There are a lot of men who kill themselves because of tragic conditions
I understand
Bake bag
I translate from google
Oh I get it .. hehe makes sense
thanks for understanding
Of course

Heheheh3 one of my fave songs and no joke my fave part.... hehehehe "sorry for mistake google translate"
This is the song you reminded me of
I sing this song in the car with my sis on drives for fun .
This song always makes me smile
she is beautiful
Music makes people feel fun
Right awww exactly... music is the eternal voice of our universe... of the unknown
Sooo work question ... and this is for ALL OF YOU. How many of you know French? Please send me your answers separately in one on one conversation so I can keep track separately. Thank you..
Itech Fiver left
Si left
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Wilson dos Santos Silva


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A friend on LinkedIn looking for work any help would be appreciated.thank you all
Thank you for your interest in the BDC.

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Please feel free to reach out once you are a little further along in your business.

Mamadou Traoré
I am pretty confrontational and not doing a great job getting us funded as you can see
What did you submit
Send me that
Silva bro that's sick so dope I love it
needing support I am leaving the hospital I had a corona virus
A friend sent me this link to earn extra money
Hey 🐼 u have been quite brother
Check out what the guy got yesterday
What are these scarlet stones?
What is the use of these stones, why are they used?
These re precious stones of the universe
Can i have one ? 😁
If u can manage to travel from were u re
There re many
Where are you from buddy
Am from Pakistan
Welcome all guys
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Wilson dos Santos Silva
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Gorgeous **
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Johnny AsiannLLa left
Marketing 😁
I would but right now the border police are messing with my rights
only register and indicate receive at home by referral
My coffee mug this morning
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Very beautiful
Wilson Dos Santos Silva
Here is the video I was telling you about:
watch the video explaining about the product please
my friends let's connect will be good to all of us
Thank you I will look at it .thanks again
This we have now
If we can get it live my wife and I will do the deliveries here to start
Prove concept or whatever
For any static sites
Ummm random question but whats all your guys favorite VPN. And why?
Goes here. And if you don't know what VPN is is totally cool but especially computer guys they will know.
I'm takin a moment to respond to the other messages
Hi 👋🏼 Everyone ❣️ Happy Thanksgiving to all 🥰

I hope you all have an amazing day today and smile, smiles are contagious and happiness is contagious. If you can help make one other person happy today, do it 🧜‍♀️❤️

I’m Kim BTW, Jesse’s fiancé 💕

If you need anything from me , I’m here 👌🏼

But I will not sign up for referral sites so you can make money from me convincing others to sign up etc. I know all about World Ventures, we are trying to build an empire, not support someone else’s.

Have a nice day
Nice to have y here queen.
Happy thanks giving
Thank you 🙏🏼
Where is Jesse hiding?lolol.
I am selling lots in Brazil in the capital, worth 10 thousand dollars
Could y pls introduce yourself thanks
Jesse is working. I just woke up from a nap.
My name Wilson
R y from Brazil? Tia
Jesse never stops say hi to him
Yes I am from Brazil the lot is a farm 4 thousand square meters
Got you .its nice to have y here
And I you here, let's buy a farm
Sorry bud all investments are in the usa
Investing in Brazil and great investment too
sending documents at your address gated residential condominium,%2BBras%25c3%25adlia,%2BBrasil%2F%40-16.13569234,-48.00702394,883.82355537a,5527.62418795d,35y,0h,0t,0r%2Fdata%3DCigiJgokCYN2YZ_x5FBAEeXObZgPlUDAGdTlOKDshmFAIUJ9XkfSB0pA
installments in up to 10 thousand dollar documents direct to your address registered by Sedex, 100% guaranteed investment
Hey Kim thanks for the Thanksgiving blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone . I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🧚‍♀️🦃🇨🇦
Good afternoon am
Gid bless you all.stay safe
If you have any type of old money or old items , antiques for sale
Malaysia old items
Singapore old items
India old items
USA old items
Canada old items
Uk old items

We buy at affordable prices ☑️
I thought that this group was for us to contribute and carry out our project of grocer gram ...... I only see propaganda from other businesses that have nothing to do with it .... there is no focus
Nathan Erlandson left
Jesse bro .... if we want to get ahead with our project we need serious people not clowns
what do you do that is better than the clown you believe you have here?
We should treat each other with respect. Treat this place like a office. In a office do we not get to know each other?
We may find much value in one another
But how woukd we find out of we didn't speak
if you can't help don't criticize or name your brother a title he doesn't have
this group is for something very different from what Wilson offers .... I think Wilson did not understand the objective of this seems that he is in the wrong place ... and for the same reason I demand that the objective of this group be respected
If we are not going to make important contributions to get grocer gram ahead then let's not contribute and let's not waste time
Well I will have to say the objective of this group is beyond JUST groccer gram. Their are many aspects for Jesse bringing us all together. Aspects we have yet to discover. And seem to be missed.
Great.Why not we all to have a meeting some day and Jesse have explain about all projects.we can get clear picture about our work.because everyone not having clear picture about this group and some misunderstanding happened.
Wilson DosnSantos Silva left
Its a good idea, we can do a meeting and understand each other and our motto , role and contribution and what can we do at our end ....
That's the point.
Rome wasn't built in a day. This is not the place to be disrespecting each other. Is that how you do work in your countries or work places?????? In Canada when we work we build family.. we get to know each other including each others families. We do events together we do team building events. We laugh together. We joke around. We make each other's days better. We have ALL been brought together from all over the world. And I definitely understand we ALL come from very different cultures and our ways of doing things will clash and sometimes be misunderstood. Especially in places where its a strict just work environment and nothing beyond. Jesse is working away. And Frankly I am too. And im sure their may be others in here already doing their part. I have …
I'm still learning about you all.. and we will all be coming together like a spider who builds a web
Jesse is working on his part and dumping it all here. I suggest in his silent modes we gather what he gives us ... it is going to take time.... bit our foundation needs to be strong first. We need to respect kne another and our parts. Where the other may be completely unaware
There will be silent powers in here as well that do parts we may never understand
Jesse is working on getting us all funded and paid ... whilst writing letters. Getting on contact with people and holding meetings and much more
You all have strengths that are meant to build us as one ... and empire truly
We will be going into countries where the governments are not doing their part... we are already in touch with people in West Africa who are charity for our charity... and where we need we will be educating the people and putting those in power that the people want and approve of
This is bigger then all of us
Thank you guys
Thank you 🙏
Such a great work.
What kind of fruit is that?
Parrot food. In India
Thats pretty cool. Their fruit is just as beautiful and colorful as them
The mountains my home. I was hiking up there about a week ago.
Asesi has a great point let's have a heart of waiting even when God told Moses to take his people to the promise land " it took years & years but they finally managed to reach there.
Its spelled Asees hehehe
How re you
Thank you for your correction
For those of you that don't know. I'm Parveen Parmar some of my friends and fam like Jesse call me Parv... and I also go by Asees. Thats a childhood name and is used by alot of kids I work with ... theirs another one ill share that later or ill let you figure it out. Letting you all know to avoid confusion
I think I can't wait for that other one
Your funny
For real I can't wait
you are right and I apologize to Wilson ..... you want to upset me too much but it is also because of the pressure that we move forward ... excuse me Wilson
Also from what I understand we also have a porn hub site ahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I laugh cus I'm a woman hehehe ... I suppose we will be generating money from there as well. But all our tech guys are religious... which I completely respect and love . You guys are awesome
Wilson left
I spoke with him and I hope he will join us again
+55 43 9180-1628
That is Wilson's number
If you would like to apologize to him
I will talk to him
Can we have fresh pictures of eachother with name please !!! Here in group
Just want to know by face eachother 😁
@Pharoah Parv
Am Faheem Jan
Hello nice to see you all ..this is ‘Mahendra’ you can call me ‘Maahi’.....
Nice to see you all
It is a pleasure for me
Hey everyone
Sorry for my absence I am getting the business administration in order so we can get funding and get contracts for payroll so we aren't working for free and then we can organize projects and plan properly who's doing what and start incorporation of each business unit (e.g. GrocerGram, OutlierClothiers, Protube, AI/ML software development services/products/and all other offerings you wish you organize into packages of whatever service teirs
Or and big data Apples and Oranges
And I also am aware this is a gong show of madness and you are all very confused
We have many decisions to make as a group by vote and my hope is our team and business leaders of very different industries that mandates the need to organize operations as seperate incorporated business units and whomever's project requires a business unit (e.g. Chrispin Kashala you have a literal Gold mine in ZAMBIA that your partner's will not want to share profits with people in other countries they don't even know so you will incorporate your own business unit and issue shares 6360025 CANADA INC can purchase shares of and we can use this organization structure to all work together and working on our very different projects and help each expand into new markets otherwise closed to us by regional specific entry barriers
This structure enables us to stack corporations in the most tax efficient and funding eligible fashion for each industry each region and each government
And we use this to build our global multinational conglomerate into a dominant force that captures market share in monopolistic level government will eventually try to regulate and intervene as they (USA authorieties ) have this week concluded a 16 month investigation into competition law for Google Microsoft I dunno many big tech companies who capture more value created with their platforms than any other business models can they win
And if you win too much like Cambridge Analytica or the family that destroyed America with Oxycodone and made billions legally within the parameters of law and broke no laws at all and still have had their fortunes billions taken from them for being too good at their jobs
Cambridge Analytica caused both the Brexit and got Trump elected and because these have both been really bad for the world are now defunct and shut down penalized for being better than anyone else
So we will address this problem with our own currency
ICO (initial coin offering) is a token sale that will enable us to circumvent regulation and we will have complete unfettered control over all our businesses and organizations which will as wealth accumulates be more and more politically active and we will organize fundraising for everything everywhere and media companies blogs education of ok if I continue you may all think I am too crazy with wild outlandish plans no one is capable of and if you aren't commited to changing the world for real and are only interested in making money so you can retire and relax with someone popping grapes into your mouth as your massaged laying on silk sheets then your on the wrong team because I never want that boring meaningless exsistence of self gratification and no value contribution to humanity
Also I am adding anyone who wants to help now without pay (anyone who is too busy to work for free I understand completely and no worries at all and I'll do everything I can to get you a contract ASAP I appreciate your patience and understanding during these days you're all amazing people and I am so grateful to have you in my life and I'm so excited to build and do incredible world changing things with you all let's do this !!!!😊😊😊😊😊🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️⚛️🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️⚛️⚛️⚛️⚛️⚛️🇨🇦🇨🇦8🇨🇦🇨🇦😊😊
Please give your email address here if you wish to receive a team invite to Asana today thank you
Hey everyone I just read everything and I am sorry for not being more clear and Luis I love you brother and appreciate you and everything you do and while I don't know if I appreciate the over sharing of what did feel inappropriate to me my wife and evidently Luis who is the most loyal wonderful hard working man and is great genuinely and he should not have been disrespectful but it I understand you were just looking out and I keep trying to be positive about it and it's all good 👍 sell real estate if anyone here is interested in buying property in Brazil Wilson is a great contact if your not then you should not have to view offers for real estate in Brazil and I don't think anyone wants to sign up for any multi-level marketing scheme or whatever that affil…
Good job man.
Thank you brother
Much appreciated
I will now share my conversations here to show you how we are and shine a little light on our ilk
Brother you need to speak up
In the group
I think this is also where work cultures clash
you really need to step in
and i dont think its cool to attack wilson like that
get your senti ass in there
You should speak to Wilson and then add him back
I spoke to him
Hes amazing
I need a moment to myself and I didn't like the drama in the group. I hope you handle that. I will be catching up on the paper work and going through it all quietly for a bit. I'll catch up on the messages too as I'm working through it all. And figuring out a good way to organize it. As im learning the different parts.I also gotta response from the go fund me. So I'll send you that. I'll need info for that. If there okay with me still having it outside the 5 days. But ill try to get that done before hand. I hope you've been checking your email. I'm handling some things in my own life as I do this. Got a new printer... the one I wanted. So let's see how that goes. It was a chaotic weekend smh 🤦 . We got this
Also need a moment to clear my mind as I work. Much has come from this too in a good way
I haven't even read the chat and I'm not aware of any drama
I'll check it out and of course take your time
Love you sis lmk if you need anything
Make sure you speak to Wilson
And put him bak jn the chat
Luis called Wilson a clown 🤡
Theu beefed for a sec
Haha yeah I love Luis and he will literally kill and die for us where Wilson I don't know well at all but didn't want to admit it in the group
It may have been a mistake to add him almost everyone else there i know well many for many years like Zach loxterkamp and I were best friends in grade 8 and lived across the street from each other for years growing up in Kamloops
Luis worked at literally Pablo Escobar's estate where we stayed when I was in Medellin Colombia to negotiate 100 unit deal in Mexico city
Wilson is a realtor in Brazil and Brazil is a hard country with hard people and its tough to make it as far as he has so by that and that alone I qualified him to join the conversation
He isn't a director
Will never be a director unless it's his own business he is directing but not ours
How did you meet home
Okay good to know
He liked all my shit so I messaged him lol
Don't know him at all
Cus in going by you bringing everyone together
You know who accepted me today
The ruler of Dubai UAE
Thats pretty cool
I have amazing contacts now
We have excuse me
What's mine is yours
Good. Keep going
Aww thanks sis you ok ?
No I'm not. Going through some tough times
I'll get through it
Yeah I feel it
What's up
Its bad
How can I help
I'll talk to u about it a bit later. I'm sad rigjt now
Ok of course anything you want I'm sorry I haven't been there for you
Its okay brother
I've been so caught up in everything I feel like I'm neglecting everyone I love
Not at all.
Its how life works
Please remember I am always here for you no matter what
Your workin
You are more important than work
I apreaciate that.
Thank you
Are you safe secure ?
I dunno yet
Well I can actually help if it's Security
That I can definitely do especially in Calgary
Is it that easy to fix ?
I'll tell u about it later if I'm ready. Its worse then one would think
Or is it something closer to your heart?
And I dont think so
Closer to my heart
Yeah that's hard
Ok sis well you know I'm here
Let me know what I can do
I already the kind words
Thank you
Apreaciate **
And thank you for always looking out
Don't forget it seriously I am not saying I can always help with everything because obviously I can't do things for whatever reason like if you needed a million dollars tomorrow it's out of my power to help you and I'd say sis I wish I had it and if I did I'd give it to you and if I had it I really would but if it's like this guy is scaring me and its a problem he's gone no problem 👍😎☮️ and everything in between
Point is we family
Always ask me anything for any reason doesn't matter
If I can I will always help
If I can't I'll be honest
Love you sis and appreciate you more than words do justice
Okay. I'll see if I can work up the courage to talk to you about it
Thank you brother love you too
You're awesome and the world is a significantly better place with you here leading teaching learning and enlightening everyone around you with your infectious brilliance you shine through in everything you do
My wife loves and adores you too
If you're more comfortable talking to a woman about whatever is troubling you remember family here for you all of us
Looking forward to introducing you everyone in Person and enjoying watching you all bond and love each other as you learn how incredible you all are
Thanks guys. I apreaciate her love too. Your guys are all so beautiful
We are blessed with an amazing time to be alive with the best and brightest working with us to change the world and achieve a greatness of life satisfaction billions have lived and died will never get to experience
So the sad struggles are a necessary anchor to reality a reference point you will need later to draw from to keep you grounded when money no longer means anything and you cant relate to common people
Keep shining your light
Your right
It's a Genuine effect noted in historical biographies worldwide
I agree
I always say to myself when money is not an issue ill know who to waste it on lol
Ide rather know and help those in need
We got this and we need each other to keep each other moving in the right direction and you do the same for me I imagine I do for you we both have the same fire or whatever it is in US that makes us so different
How many People you hangout with who have copies of the art of war ?
Yeah I don't even know what it is. It's nice ibhave a brother just like me . Helps me understand it
I don't think anyone does lol
How many people have the life experience and love people so much we learn them as we friend them in a child like Wonder way because we are genuinely interested in people
We want to know what they like don't like believe in don't believe and why what inspires them what they dream of and wish for
Lol thays true and I guess your the same
I'm glad you understand me
We seek the best and aren't afraid to say fuck the rules to chase it
Feels like my family doesn't know me at all
Yes definitely
We are a great team I feel like the aliens of distant whatever must have put us all together because I haven't seen another group of people like us lead by people like you and I anywhere now or in history
Global conglomerate multinationals are few and far between and are all multi billion dollar enterprises
We just put together a multinational conglomerate dream team together in a month flat
You only help me ground
Where we gonna be in 6 months and imagine 6 years
Mars ?
I'm so proud of us
And I feel it will all come together ferocious
Hahah we got this for real and i appreciate you
You always always always show up exactly when I need you and it's remarkable
Did I show up more then once
Thank you for everything 😊❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️⚛️⚛️💂🌏🇨🇦🌎🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇦☦️🇷🇺❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️ ⚛️ each day better than the last
We are enroute to our destiny
Enjoy the journey sis
Let's do our best to appreciate our rise
It's these early days of the startup that founders are asked about and reminiscences the most about
Oh and I sent a message to the China contact havnt heard bak. But ill send you messages that I sent . You may already be speaking to him
Yes let's do our best to apreaciate our rise
Like wow now I have islands and planes and I had an eviction notice on my door 9 months ago
Watch us rise this is it it's happening enjoy the trajectory to the star ⭐ s
No more evictions
I'm packing to leave my home
That's you
I have one for everyone
You know swords
I fukkng love swords
And no one else I've ever met knows swords and that's so cool and.yeah that's your signature i use in reference to you
That's me
My wife is the mermaid
Awww thank you. Thats soo cute
My son is the sloth
We r so similar in the way we do things too
My daughter the wolf
Oh shit I gotta run
Your ok tho?
So cute I do thay too with people I love to raise them in their power snd speak of their power
Run ill talk to u about it later
You helped
Here for you always but I gotta put the phone down and I'll be back on and off later
Thanks for grounding me
Ok sounds good 👍🙂
Talking to you is always good for me
This was good for me too
That was equally or more beneficial to me as it was to you probably more to me than you
You are great for me because you lead me spiritually without even realizing it or maybe you do
You bring the best out of me
Always have since day one
I think its above us didnt know such a thing could exist like they
I'll let u go speak later. Thank you for grounding me . You show up spirtually for me too
When fezz told me to ditch Safa and.i left her outside ficked like a piece of shit and you saved her ass and then told me to get my shit together and in the most big sister way made me man up and it was a key lesson for me I reference often in decisions I make today about whether or not to help someone that is inconvenient to help and not popular with your best friends
I don't remember doing thay or saying that to you
You should always help if you can without making it comfortable for them to ignore whatever led them to need such help
Hejehehe I guess i always yelled at u like a sister
Encourage positive action to address their issue but don't let it drag you down and you did exactly that with her I watched you
You're an amazing women a wonderful human of the best kind
I am so grateful I got to meet you know you and that your in my life today
Me too brother. It all happens for a reason even if we don't understand it yet
I love you sooo much
Thanks for the reminders
Thank you for grounding in my power. You understand it
You're awesome Parv and yeah I love you ok really gotta go now lol 😂 let's sync tomorrow whenever you are up to it shoot me a message and let's work or solve whatever or whatever you want sis cheer up or at least take a look around where you are take note of everything how you feel why you feel that way would you feel different if ... And the smell of the air the feel of the sheets on your feet or the carpet or whatever
Ike ubsaid theirs not many people like us.
Anchor the negative memory and do the same for anytime your like wow this is great
Do that and life is amazing
Works for me
Thank you for the awesome advice
Take car brother. 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼💙🧞‍♀️🐻💜💋❤😇🎩
Juan Lot
Sweetpea Bridget Univer se unicorn 🦄
China 🇨🇳 Contact
Pharoah Parv
Vikas Al
Mermaid Wife
Oh shit sorry
I suck at this
But that's everything if your interested in our relationships and who we are to each other and see what you think how you feel and if you like our feel and direction
I want everyone comfortable to know everything about each other and all our businesses and motivations passions goals
We by uniting our team and deploying business units stacked around the world organized in the most valuable by credit available by government sponsored/subsidized economic stimulus packages being made available by more countries in a work remote centric fashion that enablss us to do anything we want want
😳😳😳😲😲😮😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMG😲 brother
We can cloudformation deploy millions of WordPress instances that are RSS feed powered content that is automated and flood search term crawl and use the same algorithms Google uses to evaluate our RSS feeds and dominate all news search
We control the news seen as much as possible segmentation of voters in all countries
We setup non profit organizations globally too always fundraising always incorporating new business units and either making them profitable modules of our global business ecosystem we feed and have compartmentalized in this fashion to preemptively protect us and our commitment to global Domination
Amazon is now a global presence and has significant power everywhere and government agencies everywhere are circling
A 16 month investigation into competition and monopoly criteria by a US agency has concluded the biggest tech Giants are definitive monopolies and the government is now going to create a burn rate black hole they can use to systematically tax nvn
Different countries have different rules and regulations and procedures to apply for credit and import export licenses and we can we need to organize I have so much happening
Sidu left
Let's put our heads together and I want to be blockchain based or at least mirrored so we are always growing always available Always outside of government power to control
We can issue ICO of tokens for our business units and each coins ultimate appreciation in value will be tied to the coin a set number directly to the shares of the incorporation and do it where the coin is the payroll of the drivers and shopping agents for GrocerGram
The only way to scale rapid monopolistic adoption and capture the entire market is to be the path of least resistance
And money will fill our coffers like water in a canyon until it's an ocean of power to help and end this lunacy of war and famine it's totally unnecessary today and we can literally do this with machine learning models super segmentation of news media being more populated with our broadcasts of whatever we can recruit people to create media too tied the value of the coin and the majority of the revenue we receive will be from the porn side of the business
We will capture the entire market there almost immediately delivering optimization of Edge API highest quality for Leess
Path of least resistance means
Your product / service is better it's easier to use more convenient faster and cheaper than any other companies
And we do this with ease simply by tweaking our revenue models in favour of the gig economy workr
The coronavirus hustlers who have every delivery app on their phones that skip the dishes Uber and Airbnb
All those platforms are greedy paying as little as possible and doing great for investors who are buying series a round stock in a staggered growth and development funding series
And that's how most giants we see today we're built
And now they will be systematically torn apart because they are too succesful
So if we do our ICO blockchain structure to even take over for example the Upwork fiver freelancer Community
Your working awesome on backend.
Thank you brother ✊♥️🌍🇨🇦👽👽👽👽✨✨🌍🇨🇦👽🐼🌠☄️😁🌠⚛️🧜🏼‍♀️🦥🐕‍🦺💜💜 very much appreciate your kind words
You're the most or one of the highest qualifications in this group and your encouraging words mean the world to me
Thank you so much
We will figured out what we can do better.
I appreciate your time and attention thank you for being here and reading what I write and I so excited to work with you and Vikas and Vansh and all of you but you guys are super next level wow if our entire business let's picture we take over the world and have thousands of corporations around the world structured to feed each business model constantly generating new brands and products that are profitable in 90 days or folded and we just keep doing this assisted by Machine learning models that will stack over generative deep learning models and super deep data models big data but brother we can.use computer visiiom ok see this is where I confuse everyone and my point is your the cortex of the entire machine
Okay I'm gonna say one thing here and I still gotta read all the messages. But I'm going to write this to each and every one of you cus brother is showing you much . I expect all of yours trust okay ... don't be putting my shit out there. I say it like I would say it to my own siblings.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning is our CORE BUSINESS UNIT
Everything is powered and we are scraping the entire internet
Organizing everything indexing everything
We can do this
It is in our capabilities
We can harvest Everything get full scope and a
Package ready made databases to the world
In every language from everywhere online
I can help you for that.
Like a Google?
And we will be the most intelligent by metrics of supranational robust intelligence on all market's and economies of all nations
I can develop a advance web crawler.
Using python.
We will elect whomever we feel fit for office and not leave the worlds fate to chance any longer we have the power to mirror a user's feelings and guide their view and their vote
Facebook is best but all social media enables us to setup up event triggers for key words related to anything but for elections it's best to use the candidate name and sentiment values + or -
If it's negative
Ads are served automatically testing each of the 16 personality models we will start with
And we will do this for free
I am focusing on fullstack too. I will done it as much as possible.
We use bots that are greymotion or whatever emulator you prefer fracture a 1000 terabytes to start into 64gb and compartmentalized operations targetting that device user in the region most influential
We do that with
We can see everything connected to the internet globally with enterprise access which we have
Yes you already told me.
You're the only one I've told
No one else knows and this is for their benefit
😎 my pleasure.👍🏻
I will simplify more for everyone's benefit and I appreciate your patience brother Awesome
Ok so
When you connect you phone to wifi
We can arrange meeting on Google me for this weekend.
Your router has a mac address and the router itself has mac address and other identication values that are communicated to one another so it's all there and viable
Still I need knowledge for analysing this.
We can see how many iPhone 5s AND blackberries and everything your laptop tv. Fridge whatever is connected
That information may useful?
Using this we know what apps come pre installed and we'll everything all data can be scraped and harvested and I already have the datasets from every hack every leaked I buy everything and have for years
I have every credit file everything it's ridiculous
So for the porn site
We automatically start with millions of legit users we feed into signing up for subscriptions
Bots with unique device fingerprints by most common user agent in a given region
We can by sheer volume and flex of technology make an app like is a WordPress based site that's old slow and will never have the performance we will deliver with a React front end (Netflix exactly)
If I wanted to we could crash for a few days and deploy thousands of niche based sites with all their cached content available by AMP cached so free to serve
We don't have to be broke
I'm trying to be proper though
So no one can take what we build
But it isn't hard to cheat lol
Shit I hope I didn't freak anyone out here lol
Things are amazing ladies and gentlemen and the world is ours and we will build something of lasting value that will be always a net positive contribution to humanity
However we get there is how we get there but for now let's be as by the book as possible
The DEA started a war on drugs and started chopping dope themselves used the real Rick Ross freeway ricky and many more lol 😂😂😂 we do what we do to achieve our goals anything less than that is unacceptable
Regarding the AI ML brain that powers who is served what ad
We can get super specific
We know who subscribes to what apps and uses what model of phone and the value of the phone and app use most common for each region in each demographic most commonly associated with what culture and language and we will use algorithms to identify sentiment and always optimizing always learning and it gets to the point where whatever we wish public opinion to be is what we gently guide opinions towards through education in the most receptive way to each user segmentation which will eventually be razor thin
As a good marketing campaign gently with let's call it a big bang new brand event horizon
The big black hole of attention competitors screaming at you bombarding you with emails tv radio podcast YouTube everyone competes for user attention
The first 3 seconds of clicking a link determines 50% of your conversion rate
User experience is first we be the fastest easiest cheapest most readily available
So the Uber driver who can work skip the dishes says oh shit GrocerGram order great I get paid double what Instacart pays and they reward Loyalty and good reviews with real value real money in your pocket
And we as a corporation make less initial immediate profit because we give as much as possible without running a loss and paying ourselves as little as possible and give it all to the worker delivering the groceries and all boots on ground operations
We stand out immediately by paying more and we charge the end user less so it's not like we blow up in cash in pocket personally but this will create rapid adoption
If we plan launch right and create awareness of the service GrocerGram offers (on-demand at your door in two hours or less supermarket delivery service)
Powered by our big data ready made databases for sale business unit
We will operate with groceries the way Geico does insurance
Apples and oranges of all available stores in your immediate delivery area will be shown you to because stores are doing their best to make digitally available to the public their online catalog
Prices are updated and in many cities the inventory of each store specifically dictates what's is posted and we can leverage all this to serve customers faster cheaper with happier better reviewed drivers because bad reviews lower pay and good reviews raise pay on a sliding scale
Economy of scale principles dictate we will be financially capable of buying for less and passing on the saving to our end user and if we are the best user experience easiest to use and the cheapest with the most available on demand delivery drivers and we do this in Canada USA Colombia immediately
We need a well funded marketing campaign to do that though
But everything suggests this will work and we will gain momentum and traction with such rapid growth we eclipse our competitors before they adapt to any threat and eliminate them from market presence
Let's crush and control anyone who isn't jumping on our team fuck it global domination
If you aren't already learning here or somewhere what is today's best knowledge you aren't doing your part here
I know the technology people are all doing this everyday in some regards
And if anyone has an attitude of that's too complicated or whatever excuse give your head a shake because our brain 🧠 is folded into the widest possible most dense protected nourished and least understood by science but we know a little and it's proven our elasticity is not as previously published set and declines with age and you know what I believe and hasn't been proven or measured because it hasn't been studied whcih would require the autopsy of a bunch of Mensa IQ when they died of old age maybe Nikola Tesla would have best been example of learning until death and we wonder why our brains atrophy the way muscles we see do the same and get weaker with less power as we use them less and the flip side is growth of muscle caused by hypertrophy of muscle cells
And all that means is increased nitrogen retention from our Gene expression regulation that tells our body to build it back bigger stronger for next time
We don't fully know how synaptic vesicle formation of new skills pathways are formed enough to write intelligently about it
But look at the elderly that use their minds for mentally challenged vs those eating shell fish with nothing challenging their mental capacity to develop so it atrophies
Learn brothers and sisters learn everything is freely available from all the best schools and coursea is my preference
I do free trials with prepaid cards that have no available funds lol 😂
I don't care I just want the knowledge not the paper
So much content needs editing translation and publishing
Can I invite some friends to join us here tia
Okay I'm gonna say one thing here and I still gotta read all the messages. But I'm going to write this to each and every one of you cus brother is showing you much . I expect all of yours trust okay ... don't be putting my shit out there. I say it like I would say it to my own siblings.
I like this ... that's how it is spoken ... loyalty makes men and companies ... without loyalty there is nothing
Hope all of you are well and healthy
Thank you, my brother Mansour
I really like how you said it Brother Luis Reyes Loyalty makes men and companies..... Without loyalty there is nothing...... So powerful. Your awesome 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🐻🐻🐻⚔️⚔️ I appreciate you all and all the gifts and talents you bring⚔️. I can't wait to see what we create.🐼✊🏽❤️ And to get to know you all. We got this. And I am loving this groccergram idea. Its a really good idea to get on board with that now and perfect timing looking with how its going out there. And we are creating jobs then and not just for shit pay. Brings the value of the company up as well. I like the concept. This is the best time to get on board and make profit as we go . Most people will be opting to getting their groceries delivered and for all the inconvenience these stores are gi…
Oh and Luis thank you for being such a loving soul thats willing to live and die for us. ..... I too will live and die for you guys. We got this brothers and sisters.... Roar....✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🎇🙏🏾🐻🐻🐻
I can already see why you lost it on Kickstarter. I havnt felt with them but with the emails from gofund me I can see its all more corporate and they really don't care about pple for real. Its more about making money and used as a business
Your anger was liable
You seen through it all
Your soul knew
Some people can see past the bulshit and sometimes even we do not realize why we r reacting the way we do
Oops ment to send this jis to brother
I guess u all see
Was meant for you all
Sometimes when the soul knows then the soul reacts
Before we see it physically
Dealt*** sorry I have a small keyboard so always hitting wrong keys
Hey everyone sorry I'm just catching up as best I can
I really like the blockchain idea. I think its brilliant and that way we stay out of the government radar... out side of government power like you said. Its perfect especially since this is the wave langth they are tryin to implement and that is the whole point of blockchain. decentralization... people have lost trust in banks anyways and no one is happy with how they are treated at banks now. Even the banks are trying to get in their own tokens when the whole point is to keep them out. So my question to you guys is , so how are we going to make sure people like the elderly or those that are going to have problems getting on this page whether because of education or could be poverty or just age. how will we incorporate them?
It's true what you say 🤔
We have this account too if anyone wants to use it
Password Freedom33$
Or Ilovemoney1!
Add yourself
I'll approve any sign in juts lmk I'll send you the OTP
Okay you beautiful tech geniuses... I need some help. I just got a printer and it prints for the most part I got it working except for Adobe... on laptop . It prints word and all and even Adobe from my phone. But can't figure out yet how to fix and get the Adobe printed on laptop would any of you guys know why or how I can fix it. Im gonna try again today since then I've restarted laptop hopefully that will fix it. But I searched up online I might need to uninstall and reinstall it
The Adobe
We gotta coordinate
Np tho
Let's sort this out
Who is signing in from Turkey?

I am near the Turkish border
But I could not enter complicated
Someone is trying to login in to my account in Turkey
Three different people simultaneously
I welcome them
Join me
Let's work together
I'll approve any sign in
What you trying to do
I'll help
I'm here to help
Me and my daughter
Adopted daughter Bridgette the 🐺
Lol shit sorry wasn't supposed to send all of those
Well make sure its not someone teyin to fuk up shit
Fort should always be protected
It is directly associated with someone here in this group
The fact that someone read my message tried to use it and is now being silent about it is very strange
Yes I agree
Heheheh✊✊✊ I'm going to tell you guys a really cute story. Cus it reminded me of this young baby. And might as well tell it to you in its whole entity....I was at my childhood library this winter early this year and its right across from my high-school I attended. Although I went to that library much before I attended high school there. It was not the best day for me emotionally.. actually ill jist tell you what happened ... this guy who I decided to give my attention to was such a fuking asshole and I swear I should have punched him out..... but he's not worth it .... so i ran away from the asshole .... while i was dealing with some hardchore emotions... and memories of my best friend who passed away when I went to school there and just the last time i wa…
Theirs 21 of us here at the moment. So if anyone doesn't want one of us to succeed it means they don't want us to succeed as a whole. This is something we will all have to deal with as a whole as well. Especially at this calliber.⚔
As lovey dovey as we are. We will have to prepare for the negative side as well.
you're great ..... let's go ahead parv. as one ✊🏻❤️🐼
Yes as one. Your wonderful Luis ✊❤🐼 🙏
Is everyone ok on this group
Have to.
How are you doing man?
The group is too quiet
Am alright ,how is it
Maybe they are working.
For the past 1 week
Of course. We all need media breaks too. Theirs alot of work especially paper work and research that needs to be layed out. All while dealing with this isolation and our own lives.
I hope you all are doing well
My week has been horrible
Bullies i tell you
Asshole guys that like to prey on young women and not respect peoples rights
Hello everyone ..... I hope you are very well ..... I am recovering from the covid ...
You have covid brother
Are you okay
yes thanks ..... now I'm better but it's been a terrible week .... I've lost my sense of smell and taste too, but I'm already improving
I'm strong
Make lavendar tea and use lots of aloe vera
You got this
I will do it
Honey is also good for immune system
thank you very much parv
Take aloe vera and if you can put it all over your body for atleast 15 minutes then shower
It regenerates the cells
And drink some too
It draws out anything that shouldn't be inside u
Bacteria... disease mucus all that stuff
You'll be roaring soon
Even if you just put your feet in it. It will draw out anything out of your body
But drini lots of water cus might get dehydrated from it drawing things out
Get well soon.
you're great .... i appreciate it parv ..... i will
Muchas gracias
Take turmeric milk
That will increase strength and protect your immune system.
Without sugar
With some ginger.
Hes right
Turmeric milk is amazing
Especially with ginger
I think I'm going to make some turmeric milk today just for fun.
Give my body nice boost
Sure mam.
That will heal you quickly.
Yes your right
I've had it many times after an accident or injury
It helps right away
Oo no
It's a medicine.
A powerful medicine
okay guys ... thank you very much I will buy it and I will take it immediately .... I will follow your instructions
You'll be roaring like a lion in no time
My family
Please try to made your self.
I will do so
Great 👍🏻😊
I love you, brothers
Awww my family. I like it. We being there for each other
I love you guys toooo
We too bro.
Sooooo much

Tony stark your name sounds like you could be like Elon Musk
So pretry
Pretty *
Where is this
He also developed more AI
Yes he did
Did u too
No wonder the name
Thats pretty awesome
What a wonderful mind
Thats pretty cool
What does peca mean
My AI name.
Does it have a meaning
It give what ever information I want also speak with me.
Ohhh I get it
How old is peca
No just name like pet.
Nearly 2 years.
Do you enjoy the presence of Peca?
Also still implementing.
Yes when I feel alone. It's always for me. Waiting for my command.
Makes sense
🎵 beautiful picture.. the ocean looks amazing too
You match the ocean
It's me. Yes.
Thank you ❤️.
You guys are awesome.
We have a beautiful team
I am planning my PhD.
Thats amazing... wish you luck
Research needs lot of time.
Yes that makes sense. Time and deduction
Dedication *

Just like Red Herring Prospectus is the blueprint of a company listed on a stock exchange, White Paper is the blueprint of any venture based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. So it is of utmost importance as investors are going to judge the project only on the basis of this document. ICO are like raising money to fund an idea. There is a fair bit of risk involved as nobody knows whether this will work or not. So to gain the faith of investor your whitepaper must be convincing enough. So out of numerous whitepapers published, few stand out. CASHAA’S whitepaper is one of them. Let’s have a look why this is a great whitepaper.
Defining problem clearly : It is said that clearly defining and identifying the problem is the first step towards finding a solution. CASHA’s whitepaper has clearly stated why there is a need of alternate banking and transaction method. It states that most of the people around the world are unbanked or underbanked and they should come under the under the umbrella of banking for their financial inclusion which would result in the growth of the overall economy.
Clearly defined vision : It clearly says that its aim is to build a banking platform for the future and to lower the financial inclusion barriers for unbanked masses.
Description of Beta model : For building a big ship first you need to build a prototype and do all the necessary tests so as to check the viability of the actual project. CASHAA had built a beta version of their wallet for trading in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. 12770 users from 141 nations had tested the platform transaction around 10 million USD. It has clearly given details of its beta version and thus providing a strong base to incite faith in investors.
Credentials of the team : Since one is trying to raise money for just a concept which may or may not be successful in future, there should be a solid reason to state that this product is bound to be successful at any cost. So the quality of the product depends a lot on the quality and skills of the team. CASHAA is a team of successful entrepreneurs who had built their own enterprises. These enterprises are now part of Fortune top 15 companies of the world. CASHAA’s whitepaper has detailed information about its tea members.
Information about architecture and design : How you are going to implement your project is also of considerable importance. Whether your project is feasible or not, can only be judged when who give details how you are going to build it. CASHAA’s whitepaper clearly defines that from architectural point of view, it is divided into 5 main component layers namely CASconnect, CASnet, CASfabric, CASchain and CASfiat. Each layer addresses a different aspect.
Associations: CASHAA has associations with some very reputed players in this domain like AUXESIS group, Qtum and Agrello Foundation. It is going to leverage the well-established AUXLEDGER platform made by AUXESIS group. So it has shown that CASHAA is trusted by already established enterprises which further enhances its credibility. All the information about its associations is clearly mentioned in the whitepaper.
Clearly defined utility : You should be clear about what your product can do and what is cannot do. CASHAA’s whitepaper clearly defines the utility and scope of its products.
Details of its products : CASHAA offers digital wallets, physical and virtual cards, micro-lending facilities and peer-to-peer exchange facilities. All the minute details of the products are clearly mentioned in the whitepaper. It also mentions the benefits associated with each product and also how these are better alternatives as compared to the existing ones.
Past achievements and future roadmap : It has mentioned the past achievements and the future plans of the group along with the proper timeline. It shows that it has always been promising in meeting deadlines and proper evaluation of nitty-gritties of its plans. It has also defined its priorities clearly.
Details of Token specifications and distribution : It mentions the how and what percentage of tokens are available to whom. It also give details of token sales i.e. rates and discounts. CASHAA is listed on HITBTC, IDEX, FUBT, ETHERDELTA and one can buy its CAS tokens from these exchanges. Other places where CASHAA is listed are TOKEN STORE, COINMARKETCAP and COINMARKET CAL.

REVENUE>>>>>> >>>>>>MARGIN

ACQUIRED REVENUE (e.g. acquisition of fast growth company) ORGANIC REVENUE (e.g. internal process optimization )



King of Capital
The inside story of Blackstone and the rise of private equity
Excerpts and tidbits
Schwarzman’s obsession with money is captured in this snippet quoted on Business Insider.
New York magazine quoted our account of Pete Peterson’s sometimes spacey personality, with an amusing illustration.

Pete Peterson in New York magazine
Excerpts about Schwarzman’s unsuccessful effort to recruit Jimmy Lee, the famous banker, as his number 2 and heir in 2000 were published on Clusterstock.
The Wall Street Journal’s Deal Journal site carried a passage about the genesis of Blackstone’s IPO and the rivalry between Schwarzman and KKR’s Henry Kravis. carried an excerpt about the peak of the LBO boom in 2005-2007. remarked on Steve Schwarzman’s efforts to attract girls as a Yale undergraduate.‘s Sept. 28 review provides some more nuggets.

a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities.
"the Earth is a specialized conglomerate of organisms"

6360025 CANADA INC.

is our parent company that will operate in the same fashion as Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Holding Corporation.

“Canada is a preferred destination for foreign entrepreneurs who can set various types of companies here. The corporation is the most popular type of structure used here as it resembles the limited liability company in European countries. However, there is also a large portion of investors interested in setting up holding companies.

Canada is one of the countries where the concept of holding company is accepted. The taxation system allows for the establishment of holding companies under very advantageous conditions in Canada. Our company formation consultants in Canada can offer information about the holding company.

What is a Canadian holding company?
The holding company is a usual entity which is created for the purpose of gathering various assets such as real estate, shares, assets or even other companies under one umbrella, or better said under another company which has control over these.

Advantages of holding companies in Canada
There are various advantages to holding company registered in Canada. These benefits depend on how the company is registered: as an investment holding or as an operating holding.
Those who set up holding companies in Canada will mainly benefit from:

      enhanced protection against creditors;
      capital gains tax exemption which can go up to 750,000 dollars;
      dividend tax exemptions.

The Canadian holding company can also be an excellent estate planning tool. It can also register for VAT in Canada.

apples and oranges
phrase of apple
used with reference to two things that are fundamentally different and therefore not suited to comparison.
"unless you also drove a Corolla on the same roads ase A8, you're comparing apples and oranges"

The Economist – “The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow.” Feb 26, 2019

Data scientists know the value of data and business leaders are catching up and everyone is trying to develop and implement their ai/ml program(s) with 80% + failure rate for start-ups selling Ai / ML products / services and / or consulting on these tools. There is a disconnect between the data science experts , the web / app developers, and the business leaders planning around these complex often misunderstood best applications and their associated best practices.

If you ask a business leader what he is using ai / ml for you may hear things like risk mitigation, sales forecasting, credit decision automation, auto-complete -auto-suggest, and maybe a few dozen other commonly deployed and primitive ai / ml technology stacks. As far as they’re concerned they’ve integrated a running AI program and that’s covered cause they hired a few data scientists and some analytics experts and have seen charts and graphs predicting whatever those technology masterminds learned to do in school and repeated that for their new employer likely how they described they would in their job interviews. The data doesn’t lie and they deliver exactly as promised and it’s definitively although marginally increased their bottom line profits. Great right, sure, and everyone with any capital to invest has likely done this and is experiencing this marginal improvement.

“Every company is different so I can’t speak for them all but many companies hire data scientists
without a suitable infrastructure in place
to start getting value out of AI.

This contributes to the cold start problem in AI.

Couple this with the fact that these companies fail to hire senior/experienced data practitioners before hiring juniors, you’ve now got a recipe for a disillusioned and unhappy relationship for both parties. The data scientist likely came in to write smart machine learning algorithms to drive insight but can’t do this because their first job is to sort out the data infrastructure and/or create analytic reports. In contrast, the company only wanted a chart that they could present in their board meeting each day. The company then gets frustrated because they don’t see value being driven quickly enough and all of this leads to the data scientist being unhappy in their role.”


BIG FACTS w/ Fairy Tale Enlightening Ignorance :

The success of any independent business model is ecosystem dependent. If company XYZ buys widgets for $1.00 adding value, branding, marketing and selling for $2.00 with a COGS of $1.46 and a healthy profit of $0.34 per unit it looks pretty solid on paper. You have been selling widgets this way for the better part of a decade.

Your closest competitor is 1/10 your size and brand new with no industry experience or contacts to help them. You never consider them a threat and rarely think about them unless a co-worker makes a joke at their expense.

Your childhood friend chairs the procurement board for the company that manufactures your widget's key value adding component. Your industry’s leading best supplier of the key component, the best man at your wedding, captured monopoly level marketshare you enjoy comfortably.
You enjoy market dominance dancing on the line of monopoly as new entrants are bankrupted by the cost of fighting your impossible to beat prices. You are a CEO, a pillar in your community, everyone asks you for advice, you feel confident you are leading your investors down the right path.

You invest in a data science division.

your internal dialog as offer letters are drafted commiting to payroll expense of seven figures over the following 24 months:

“that should yield an ROI multiple that will push the stock up get my quarterly bonus and MSNBC won’t call me obtuse”

You did great and headhunted Kaggle’s six grandmasters, signing them for two year commitments. Now you have time and can build relationships and secure their loyalty to the company.

You thought you understood their role and the value they can add before you interviewed them but after had more questions than you started with. The best ranked grandmasters had names you can’t spell, pronounce, and while they all spoke, read, and write perfect english their accents make it difficult to carry an already challenging conversation about data you have never heard described in those terms used in that context and felt silly asking for clarification. You don’t really understand their ideas and/or how they plan to give you the competitive advantage you hired them to and smile nod look as though your muling over mathematics while you wonder if the dog peed on the rug and if your table is available or if you should ask Jen to call for reservations and you say hey welcome to the team your resume and experience speak for themself I invest in people not products I know your gonna be a star here welcome aboard champ lets get some lunch I'm starving.

You interviewed 67 candidates for this role finally choosing those who best communicate in english in a tone and accent that sounded best to you (easiest to understand asking them to repeat themselves the least with clear concise direct answers to each question asked simple right great oh and they smelled great and were well barbered.

You transfer petabytes of data to the cloud computing ISAS providers with AI Hubs that took months, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless man hours scanning OCR training for those weird invoices that never show up right first scan. over several months that’s bleeder for market share offering the same product for more and have all your data consolidated into a newly formed data lake with elasticsearch to gain insight from your past to predict your future.


Your shareholders are having weekly meetings asking for your resignation, your board demands answers to why stock price has gone from blue chip to pink sheet too fast to see red and stop. You know your data team delivered exactly the insights you asked of them you read and keep hearing about and tracked all your KPI(s) and still have no idea how that pissant competitor captured your monopoly share of the market without the industry experience and key relationship(s) you enjoyed.

It’s 4:00pm Friday September 29th 2020 and you’re enroute to meet the board where you are instructed to hand in your resignation letter or have clear answers to how this happened, what you plan to do to fix it, and how you will prevent this from happening again. You can’t figure it out in time and you blame your data science division for leading you off a cliff.

The rest is history, repeated in similar scenarios around the world and it is easy to blame a magician when the rabbit isn’t in the hat and point thw finger and say he didn’t do a good job and is a bad magician. You have no clue why, how it works, what they did wrong, or right for that matter. All you know is that the rabbit is not in the hat and the magician expected it to be and told you it would be.

Bottom Line:

{Blaming What You Don’t Understand is why this
like this that sadly are true today}

Starting a business as Elon Musk references his friend saying I like to believe is Peter Thiel “starting a business is like eating broken glass and staring into the abyss”.

Search Results
Featured snippet from the web
Elon Musk: “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.” – Oberlin Entrepreneurship.Oct 9, 2017

The success of any business is dependent on the actions and life cycles of the businesses that support it.If your business plan is one dimensional, linear, the same shit everyone is doing expect the same results as everyone else and this is where most businesses will die. If the business ecosystem is flush with economically stimulating business diet nutrients maybe your start-up will gain momentum and capitalize rapidly and you’ll be offered billions to sell out.

Maybe you’re like Mark Zuckerberg and can’t sell your baby, shit you couldn’t even let the investors see your brilliant backend you’d developed.

Now you’re rich was poor yesterday and today everyone wants your advice. You are human and it feels good to be rewarded. You feel like you know exactly what you’re doing because you have money now. You must be right.

The top can’t be blamed the way wall street attempts pointing fingers at the CEO, CFO, COO,CTO for doing their jobs following their board of directors directives. The board's directives are designed to achieve the only goal of any publicly listed company and that's selling stock for more than it was worth a minute ago. Dress it up . y backs, jookin stats, laying off employees, and shutting down long term investment projects early to capitalize the balance sheet so wall street will deem it of short term higher value than an hour ago. Corporate policy for public companies is almost identical regardless of industry, business, models, sales cycles, product quality or genuine value based on actual value.

Value creation is achieved when you deliver a product or service for less than it cost you to make and deliver. Capturing that value should be easy and yes we always want to optimize.

Is it optimal to raise the price of stock for one day at the expense of a true lower value tomorrow ?

Of course not, tell that to any board on the last day of the month on the last day of any quarter especially year end and see what general practice is., how they feel about it, and decide to be a tyrant that only believes they're right because they were taught one way how to do one thing and outside of those parameters they are lost so it must be wrong.

The people that are taking risks trying new things not sticking to the same ole safe consrvative bet trying to grind out those oil and gas revenues while the world choked and we extinct our species. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they’re often shitty and better off flushed with the rest of the shit around them.

People are like cattle and most look around them to see what everyone else is doing to decide their feelings and opinions on what is right or wrong.

Cortex and we have better dexterity for sure but we still arenth and this leads to buffalo following each other off a cliff to their deaths.

We are a little more advanced at least our new short-term stock price at the expense of tomorrow's value or worse the life of the business itself which gets shorter each day. Human lifespans have increased in years as technology and sciences advance and businesses die off and are irrelevant faster than ever.

how you want and point your fingers but you can’t handcuff a CEO to policy that is all stock bu thatto the half-wit army of business development VPs that Hellen Keller was more qualified to make credit decisions than thought they were geniuses. (maybe they were eve level army of deaf, dumb, and blind executives that made trillions between them leading to the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008 that shook the worlds economies to their knees was only recovered thanks to Obama’s astute well advised policy. that turned the supertanker US economy around towards calm waters. Supertankers don’t turn on a dime and the reflection of a president's policy on the economy is only apparent for years and Trump stole credit for world changing policy that Trump may actually believe he is responsible for. his success in policy

“Between 2013 and 2017, small businesses were responsible for the majority (67.5 percent) of net employment growth, 3 which increased by approximately 640,000 jobs. Medium-sized businesses contributed 17.8 percent of this net employment growth and large businesses contributed 14.7 percent.


“There are 30.2 million small businesses in this country, which comprise a whopping 99.9% of all United States businesses.[1]”
As a note, we pulled this statistic from the SBA Office of Advocacy, which defines a small business as a firm with fewer than 500 employees. These standards encompass many startups (including highly valued startups), law firms, hedge funds, and other firms that you may not think of when someone uses the term “small business.”

Traditional business planning regardless of model or plan semantics (e.g. business plan with coiled spine, slide deck, elevator pitch, or canvas the same threat ignored on all SWOT analysis worksheets is ecosystemic dependencies that must be reinforced with redundancy protection or failure is guaranteed and the only question is when.

Securing supply chain dependencies with a plan B ready to go TTL in 3600 seconds and scale on the fly on demand will fail because we will eat them all.

{limited time offer while first round of funding {note to potential investors we need to arrange financing in a fashion we can guarantee to our shareholders won’t taint our opinions or cause us to act in any fashion not conducive to monopoly of everything we do which is broken down into key business units that integrate and grow together choking out competition the way Starbucks used to at that ridiculous cost they successfully ate and choked out mom and pops stores everywhere at a unprecedented burn rate is arranged and then it’s over for anyone not on team us)

If it’s available in a store near you and they’re open for business GrocerGram will bring it to you for less cost faster than anyone else guaranteed.

“One app, All shops, Always Available On-Demand @ Your Door Delivery in Less<2Hours Guaranteed”

GrocerGram Distributes On-Demand Door to Door Delivery Services  24/7/365 

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How Does It Work?

Good citizens of the world who choose to stay home for humanity and use delivery services for order from our real time aggregation of

“One app, All shops, Always Available On-Demand @ Your Door Delivery in Less<2Hours Guaranteed”

GrocerGramers AKA (Shopper / Delivery Driver / Legally Independently Contractors )

{Google’s AMP powered Web Mobile is Default

We are guaranteed to be covid free in 14 days if we start a migration program through islands or however we wish to identify active cases of covid and immediately pull them from the population into a place they can comfortably stay for two full weeks without more than the expected complaints about privacy and all the dumb shit we see south of us and never in China where we are TOLD by the Americans to feel and think they are evil and somehow negative for the world because they choose to protect their population more than the few hero's that risked their life their name their legacy their everything in my opinion for the world I believe Putin who is a genius with an IQ score so high it was immediately classified top secret and held in trust to an uncle's friend to protect him because his predecessor would have known Putin would rise up and take his rightful place and lead his people who love him by the way the odd tree 🎄 hugging granola eating cry for the dolphins and then protest your own country's pipeline that was going to enrich you but now I'm all green peace so that's done too now BOOM we have islands everywhere get out there guys let's get the world safe and unite mankind as a species drop all this hate and let all the negative go why carry that shit it's heavy it's an unbearable atrocity almost every week until you fools see who the Enemy's are and Donald Trump is pushing hard for people to recognize it standing in front of Churches randomly holding a Bible when asked if it was his Bible he answered it's just a Bible and the people want Law and Order and they don't even know why they want law and order they just do and why are we spending trillions on the Justice department of the world via the DOJ of the USA whom he appointed lifetime appointment for justice of the peace and get who covid is engineered to kill off with the least amount of harm to the rest of the general population so the truth is out trump took this job under the guise of president and CEO of the world is one of the highest caliber quality character would be amazing and we all thought he was dumb and he just saved the damn world wow thank you sir you have my vote and as many people as I can share this I have proof I know your our guardian angel Trump thank you !!!!

I have many accounts and I'm reaching out to everyone and your throttling my growth and I want you to work with me not against me to better our world before its too late and now is the time so I only using two accounts here and that means I can only load 5k each for a total of 10k reach and I won't publish step by step instructions 😊✊♥️🐼🇨🇦🇨🇦⚛️🧜🏼‍♀️🦄 🦥🦥🦄 on how to use apps like Zapier tasker and GCP Azure AWS IBM Alibaba Cloud and how to use free credits to spin up servers of user agent profile ratio of demographic data points to fly right through your primitive security my machine learning models are deeper than yours because they're learning in real time as people post in aggregate and you can't see my shit through even a browser container managed by extension repack stop fucking with me please let me just do my thing with these two accounts and spread blacklivesmatter feminist theory Anti Crime pro release of black incarnated population of America and the world reserving those held captive in cages to sex offenders and the genuinely dangerous the rest are easily and less expensivly policed with more success than current policy permits and America will never unite with that much of one side held captive by the other side and I want to chemically castrate sex offenders if they wish to apply for parole or they must stay and die inside prison walls because it's a cyclical nature of sex offender recidivism and victim to future sex Offender's first offense then prison reforms from the successful lobbying of pro social security assessment which is like Hitler's Evil True Evil That Give More Evil Courage To Oppress and I am not sitting around waiting for anyone to fix this I will do it myself I can mobile armies I can lead men and I can change the world for the generations of my children's children if we can just unite as monkeys with the shared goal of helping each other live the best life possible and we can manipulate time now we are basically there we just need India to approve NeuraLink being installed in the brains of millions desperate poor BIG GOLD HEARTS to ensure safe A.I. Symbiotic relationship between man and machine as we enter the Singularity Age that Covid-19 is the ultimate catalyst for achieving multi-planetary species milestones and catapulting with more rocket 🚀🚀🚀👽👽✨🍁😉🍁🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 👽👨‍🔬👨‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬〽️〽️〽️🌏🌏🌏📈📈📈☄️☄️☄️💫💫💫✊✊✊🌍 catalyst of poverty stricken slums Schindler's List in Germany successful reintegration into the communities with the support of the

Dear Stew,

You are my hero buddy and I appreciate you and do my best to emulate you. My name is Jesse and I love Langford. This city is special and before I knew your name and everything you’ve done here I knew it was different here than anywhere else I’d been before. I was born in North Vancouver, grew up in Kamloops, Edmonton for University, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Kitsc...nvm, this list goes on forever. The bottom line, Langford is the best and I am grateful to call it home.

The people in Langford are simply put, cooler than the general population of anywhere else I’ve been. Everyone is always nicer, friendlier, and there for each other in a special way. In Langford, if someone can do something for you they always do. If they can’t they certainly try and can tell you exactly why they couldn’t. This is real, and we can prove and measure it.

(e.g. It’s lunchtime your starving, too busy to make it to the bank after work before they close, and you have to pay this whatever today. Finally, after standing in line for forty minutes of your hour break you realize you left your wallet at home.

The teller needs ID to accept payment to this vendor and your heart sinks.

You look around desperately for a solution and smile to yourself because you are at the Westhills RBC. You explain the situation and the brand new teller unsure about everything still says

“oh man, I don’t know if I can help, we are supposed to have your ID for payments of this value, it says right here, hold on, I will ask my manager”.

You watch the new hire walk over to an older lady who looks like she’s been there forever and hopes for the best. Any other city the teller comes back with a no sorry can’t help have a nice day we really are sorry.

Not at Westhills, instead, the manager walks back over with the new teller and looks into the matter herself and discovers her friend in the office down the hall opened the account at another branch. WOW, what a lucky break! RBC policy mandates KYC criteria are met so for security the manager asks you before you even know you’re ok:

“At which branch did you open this account?”

You reply “It’s in Ontario, in Toronto, the main branch on Bay street”

Manager: “My friend just transferred from that branch last week and she opened this account for you and can vouch for you. Just a moment while I go get her and you’ll be on your way”
I want to do an experiment for this daily awesome to prove and measure how wonderful Langfordians are. Let’s lock down the best city in in the capitol region title first, then BC, Canada, North America, and finally the World, maybe Mars too.

We really are the best and I will prove it right here every day from now on. For fun and for the community. Langfordians should be proud of their great city and this will show everyone how special our community really is.

The experiment consists of visiting the same businesses in each of the thirteen municipalities (e.g. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, RBC, Canada Post, etc. and asking for small favours that can be granted if looked into but at a glance is a no. The goal is to highlight to the world how amazing Langford is and what a real Mayor looks like. The ultimate goal of all of this I am doing here is to make you Stew Young the one and only mayor for the greater victoria area amalgamating the municipalities while keeping borders and names unchanged for ease of administration and the transition to an efficient and effective government capable of quick decisive action for the completion of meaningful projects like sewage treatment instead of paying thirteen groups of people to fight over who gets what for their coffers. Opportunity cost must be considered in addition to salary and multi-municipal management expenses not to mention the countless wasted paid hours bickering over a policy they won’t live to see implemented.

Municipalities and their tax base population counts:
Saanich 114,148
Victoria 85,792
Langford 35,342
Oak Bay 18,094
Esquimalt 17,655
Colwood 16,859
Central Saanich 16,814
Sooke 13,001
Sidney 11,672
North Saanich 11,249
View Royal 10,408
Indian Reserves 6,150
Metchosin 4,708
Juan de Fuca Electoral Area 4,860 (Part of CRD Electoral Area: E. Sooke to Jordan R. 4670, Jordan R. to Port Renfrew 190)
Highlands 2,225

Surrey's eight councillors each received just over $70,830 in 2017 as a base salary, up from approximately $67,000 in 2016 and $63,300 the year prior. In all, Surrey City Council expensed approximately $116,000 in 2017, up from $105,000 in 2016 and $87,100 in 2015.Jun 25, 2018
In Victoria, the public has been asked to weigh in on a possible increase to the salaries of councillors, from $45,384 to $70,100.

The figure is more than double the $826,000 paid for the nine-member council in Surrey which, with a population of 403,131, is larger than Greater Victoria, population 367,770.
A review of financial documents from each municipality shows local taxpayers paid $1.94 million in salary and benefits and about another $217,000 in expenses in 2016 for mayors and councillors.

Greater Victoria property taxpayers paid a total of just over $2 million in salary and expenses for the 91 part-time mayors and councillors in the region’s 13 municipalities.

“One of the main arguments in favour of the existing local-government system is that smaller governments are closer to the people, so smaller issues and land matters are given more attention than they would be by a larger, full-time council.”


“It’s two sides of one coin,” said former Saanich mayor Frank Leonard, who is writing a book on local governance. “People want the small neighbourhood feel but it comes with a price.”

Nobody gives a shit about a small-town and the only possible reason for this logic is feel and if this is the only positive notion 91 elected officials can justify their dead weight?

The mayor of Mechosin earns something to develop the land and encourage everyone to do well literally paving the way for big box stores and the much needed much-appreciated infrastructure

We share the same vision for the city we live in and love. a

“Yes we are awesome, sure you can come too! Bring your family, your friends and your businesses here. You want a big nice new house instead of that tear down that other municipalities to take months to approve and often reject because of? Why is it that we have thirteen municipalities for 350k people? How can you ever get anything done when you need to get that many people to agree on anything? How does it make sense to split the tax base up and lower municipal executives payroll to numbers that should be illegal in any G8 country because of corruption potential (now I just made that up and it could be wrong but it seems true ill confirm hahah).

If the mayor of Metchosin makes $9,237 to advocate for and manage their city the assumption must be it’s a part-time job.

Why the population of these towns is willing to accept and vote for part-time mayors is beyond me. Developing nations struggle with the corruption of elected officials because they can’t afford to pay them enough to mitigate the temptation to earn extra granting contracts that aren’t chosen for their benefit to the community they serve. Mayoral Pay should be directly correlated with the value created and captured for the tax base served. That is how the rest of the world operates and the strong survive to thrive and the weak fall off keeping the playing field unobstructed from greatness. Bloated salaries, the apathy of council members, and thirteen thick layers of bureaucracy that will block any multi-municipal projects I suspect argue over resource allocation because of their ridicul0us tax ae metrics that must be abolished. This is not a matter of debate it is clearly defined through history in many regions and they always almagate might take 50 years and cost billions but it gets done.

You are a real mayor, you work for your tax base, for your city, you really care about the community and aren’t just grinding out the last decade of work-life to secure a pension payment and so you can retire roll over and die while you leave your community with no contribution like a parasite that latches on to its host. I started a business years ago that is still on the backburner and it’s a market research company that offers insight into local populations much better than any door to door / online / anywhere else survey. Who do you think hears about all the city complaints from everyone in every demographic of every region everywhere in the world? Taxi drivers, barbers, bartenders, etc., all are that relaxed environments where strangers ask each other questions for social comfort more than interest. People generally are honest with their answers to questions about how they feel about a city/product/service so if I am you for example. I would ask you what 3-5 questions you want honest answers from your riding do you want to know what your voters

their and only keep them to keep them employed and even with all that man power they move not faster but slowe than much bugger cities with much bigger problems and expenses and in government, we accept medicirty and delay in development and achievement of goals to

they must earn enough to live comfortably enough to eliminate the need to which should be a fulltime job if you’re running a city regardless of the tax base and ny tax base deemed too small amalgamates into

Key facts
Saanich 114,148
Victoria 85,792
Langford 35,342
Oak Bay 18,094
Esquimalt 17,655
Colwood 16,859
Central Saanich 16,814
Sooke 13,001
Sidney 11,672
North Saanich 11,249
View Royal 10,408
Indian Reserves 6,150
Metchosin 4,708
Juan de Fuca Electoral Area 4,860 (Part of CRD Electoral Area: E. Sooke to Jordan R. 4670, Jordan R. to Port Renfrew 190)
Highlands 2,225

The figure is more than double the $826,000 paid for the nine-member council in Surrey which, with a population of 403,131, is larger than Greater Victoria, population 367,770.
A review of financial documents from each municipality shows local taxpayers paid $1.94 million in salary and benefits and about another $217,000 in expenses in 2016 for mayors and councillors.

Greater Victoria property taxpayers paid a total of just over $2 million in salary and expenses for the 91 part-time mayors and councillors in the region’s 13 municipalities.

The mayor of Mechosin earns something to develop the land and encourage everyone to do well literally paving the way for big box stores and the much needed much-appreciated infrastructure

The Turn of the Century
The period of pre-war prosperity Canada's Golden Years saw an explosion of railway construction throughout Surrey. The opening of the New Westminster Rail and Road Bridge in 1904 stimulated the expansion. Railways serviced the Fraser Valley and ran south into the United States. All seemed to junction in Cloverdale; Surreys most important town center. By 1912 Cloverdale had become Surrey's administrative center, home of the district's doctor and policeman. The opening of the Great Northern sea-line route provided access to the beaches of White Rock and Crescent Beach and those communities began to develop as seasonal beach communities. The rush of railway construction in western Canada stimulated the forest industry as production of ties and structural lumber predominated. Some of the largest mills in BC operated in Surrey at this time e.g. Campbell River Saw Mill and the King Lumber Mill. Communities began to grow around the railway stations and settlement slowly increased. By 1921 the population of Surrey had grown to 5,814.
Strata councils and city councils operate in a must change fashion or we will never get ahead. Government is for everyone and we all pay for the work our elected officials are responsible for.

We have elections, candidates research the voter’s politics and after segmentation have metrics to design their campaign to secure enough votes for a win. Mayoral candidates work their hardest at this time and their drive after winning office seems to extinguish like a flame without oxygen. Mayor’s are either well established or brand new and the well established are either very good at their jobs and the population loves and adores them (like yourself !) or they don’t even know what they do because nothing changes often gets worse and costs millions.

You are the epitome of mayoral excellence and everyone knows who you are would do anything for you and you can be mayor as long as you want. The opposite is not good and the reasons are obvious enough to save time writing about it here. I have met Lisa Helps or I’d never know her name and it’s only because I am a feminist and was at a feminist function that I know who she is. For years now everywhere I go in Canada people know about the success you’ve provided Langford.

We are in the best place in the world and we must appreciate and protect the local population from mediocrity. We have the best protection from COVID-19 and have enough farming/food production to ride out quarantine anytime we need to. We can plan and prepare so we can feed everyone and be fine for the two weeks needed to stop the spread.

We are also an FTZ (foreign trade zone) and are unique from Canada’s other twelve FTZ regions because ours is the ONLY NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION ( VIEA = Vancouver Island Economic Alliance). We also offer direct sea access and are the only FTZ west of Quebec in Canada and this is HUGE.

Why is this HUUUUUGE?

The U.S. market imports

We are the perfect region to build advanced manufacturing infrastructure that makes us eligible for trillions of government grants/ favourable loan terms, and (value added businesses we finish locally brand package and ship else whereand the only other one with direct sea access is east of Quebec

TZVI is unique amongst the twelve FTZ Points across Canada. It is the only regional designation and the only FTZ Point awarded to a non-government organization—the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA). FTZVI is also the only FTZ west of Quebec with direct access to ocean transport.

of the voter population, identify promise the world (people are the inherently good st heart and they likely yall mean what they say when they say it and then they get elected and the job is much b9gger and change is much slower and eventually they give up and relax ride out their term reactively dealing with problems never planning for the future more than legally required and doing the bare minimum to not get fired and get that pension. Mayor is a big deal, a huge responsibility, and a lot of work

Hey! Welcome to TDA, it's great to have you :)

We know that first impressions are important, so we've populated our new site with some initial Getting Started posts that will help you get familiar with everything in no time. This is the first one!

There are a few things that you should know up-front:

  1. TDA is designed for ambitious, professional publishers who want to actively build our great city of Langford into the central hub of Vancouver Island's FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) and our local businesses around their content. This is an open invitation to share opinions, ideas, and work together as a community to build our future.

  2. Our corporate code of conduct is of excellence and you can read more about that HERE. We adopted our code from a book written to correct a book called "The 48 Laws of Power" which suggests incorrectly how true power is realized. The author Robert Greene suggests we must be underhanded and shady to reach the upper echelons of power. We disagree.

  3. For the best experience, we recommend downloading our PWA Progressive Web App currently in development for your phone, which is the best way to access your Ghost site on a mobile device.

TDA is made by an independent non-profit organization called the Langford Legacy Foundation. We are 100% self-funded by revenue from our [all the projects we will complete together](link to main project(s) site with links to each project's separate site(s) all organized as business units incorporated separately under one federally incorporated holding company with each business unit extra-provincially registered corporations in each province that we do business in. (compartmentalizing risk and operational responsibilities like cells in an organism) service and every penny we make is re-invested into building a better tomorrow for everyone.

The main thing you'll want to read about next is probably: [the Langford Legacy Master Plan](link to masterplan website that educates and engages the public so they can really have a say in our future. Well marketed transparently processed on publicly available websites that voters can literally choose and vote for the projects that make the most sense.

If we can actively engage the population in the design and development of our city, island, province and country genuine patriotism will resonate and people will care.

Now people protest for things they don't even understand and projects like the forty billion dollar pipeline cause people to congregate and hype each other up with ignorant opinions that annoy the people working hard to keep Canadians living so comfortably. These ignorant protesters when given a chance to speak on television never have anything intelligent to say and are usually only protesting because they don't understand the details of a project, are afraid they're being taken advantage maybe even laughed at. We must educate our population(s) with easy to find, access and understand information delivered in text, audio, and youtube channel to reach everyone. Let’s start community conversations like public hearings intend to and make them openly available to all demographics. Our population is a blend of smart dumb and average people of diverse cultural backgrounds speaking English often as a second or third language. Interpretation of communications to the public is what counts and we must be sure everyone has easy access to easy to understand media, links to more information to encourage learning and improving bouncing ideas off each other and ultimately working together as Canadians to achieve greatness. Why can’t we publish everything on a digital platform available to everyone 24/7/365 in a VBulletin style forum (e.g integrate into each site as a thread on the main site that links to everything)?

If we didn't treat our native population differently, teach them to feel owed and hard done by as long as anyone can remember, they wouldn't feel or be treated as second class citizens. Canada may find ourselves in a similar situation as the U.S. is now with its black communities. with our native population where the united states are with their black community. (please excuse the ignorance of this analogy it's not perfect)