This post is my digital cover letter for my application for the Fundraising and Engagement Specialist position. Application deadline for this position is listed for August 31st 2021 and this will be a working draft until then.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Fundraising and Engagement Specialist | Careers
The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is seeking a Fundraising and Engagement Specialist to work at the Party’s National Office in Ottawa, joining a dedicated team of staff to support Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team.

Job Duties

Develop compelling and persuasive fundraising communications and content to be used as a case for support across multiple channels, platforms and donor programs.

Liberal Video
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Using inexpensive subscription services like Place It by Envato  content creation is fast and of the highest quality standard.

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Collaborates and coordinates with the core Liberal Party of Canada communications and digital team and ensures department communications align with brand strategy and organizational standards

Logos & Graphics | Liberal Party of Canada
These options will give you the flexibility to apply an appropriate version of the identity depending on the material you are producing.
Blog | Liberal Party of Canada

Develops and maintains a competitive market intelligence process and library

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We can leverage election data with machine learning models we train to identify demographic / psycho-graphic / behavioural psychology  profiles of voter sentiment clusters. Starting with the 16 personality models identified here:

Personality Types | 16Personalities
Personality Types

As outlined in the NetFlix Documentary  "The Great Hack" voting populations can be marketed to with artifical intelligence better than human capabilities. We can run more effective  polling methods via social media networks.

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Event tiggers like keyword (Trudeau, O'toole, Liberal, etc.) listening on public social media posts that are constantly being crawled and monitored by a bot army.

Social Media Web Scraping using Social Media Developers API and Regex
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Event triggers via keyword to machine learning sentiment analysis where we idenitfy where on a scale of 1-10 the poster "feels" about a candidate and using artificial intelligence we can design, test, optimise, and deliver in real time compelling attitude changing political ads in a programtic automated fashion.

Someone tweets, posts, or tiktoks about Trudeau, aritifial intelligence assigns a score for positive or negative sentiment. All available data is collected for machone learning model development. Clusters of voter blocks are identified organized into groups by their sentiment, age, region, race, and sphere of influence (e.g. friends, groups, employers, everything)

The Great Hack - Wikipedia
Please Note Cambridge Analytica Broke Laws WE CAN DO THIS LEGALLY
Open Data – Elections Canada
Financial reports to political parties, candidates, electoral district associations, nomination contestants and leadership contestants.
Dataset Search
Dataset Search
  • Develops collateral materials and uses digital marketing templates and products available to support the departments’ strategies
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Develop compelling and persuasive direct mail fundraising packages and campaigns to further engage multiple donor segments in their support of the Liberal Party of Canada

  • Analyzes/assesses each campaign to ensure continuous improvement
  • Develops an understanding of donor motivations and profiles
  • Supports consistency of the Liberal Party of Canada messaging and ensures messaging is on brand and easily understood by all stakeholders to ensure consistent application across multiple channels, platforms and programs
  • Work collaboratively with key internal and community stakeholders including fundraising volunteers
  • Supports the fundraising Channel Manager with the coordination and distribution of fundraising campaign components across multiple channels to secure approvals within predetermined critical path timelines
  • Supports donor outreach program and channel managers with fundraising materials including letters, telemarketing scripts and other content as required
  • Support the digital team during high volume fundraising deadlines when needed
  • Assists with the development and preparation of fundraising presentations
  • Perform cross-functional duties, as assigned