Just like Red Herring Prospectus is the blueprint of a company listed on a stock exchange, White Paper is the blueprint of any venture based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. So it is of utmost importance as investors are going to judge the project only on the basis of this document. ICO are like raising money to fund an idea. There is a fair bit of risk involved as nobody knows whether this will work or not. So to gain the faith of investor your whitepaper must be convincing enough. So out of numerous whitepapers published, few stand out. CASHAA’S whitepaper is one of them. Let’s have a look why this is a great whitepaper.

Defining problem clearly : It is said that clearly defining and identifying the problem is the first step towards finding a solution. CASHA’s whitepaper has clearly stated why there is a need of alternate banking and transaction method. It states that most of the people around the world are unbanked or underbanked and they should come under the under the umbrella of banking for their financial inclusion which would result in the growth of the overall economy.

Clearly defined vision : It clearly says that its aim is to build a banking platform for the future and to lower the financial inclusion barriers for unbanked masses.

Description of Beta model : For building a big ship first you need to build a prototype and do all the necessary tests so as to check the viability of the actual project. CASHAA had built a beta version of their wallet for trading in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. 12770 users from 141 nations had tested the platform transaction around 10 million USD. It has clearly given details of its beta version and thus providing a strong base to incite faith in investors.

Credentials of the team : Since one is trying to raise money for just a concept which may or may not be successful in future, there should be a solid reason to state that this product is bound to be successful at any cost. So the quality of the product depends a lot on the quality and skills of the team. CASHAA is a team of successful entrepreneurs who had built their own enterprises. These enterprises are now part of Fortune top 15 companies of the world. CASHAA’s whitepaper has detailed information about its tea members.

Information about architecture and design : How you are going to implement your project is also of considerable importance. Whether your project is feasible or not, can only be judged when who give details how you are going to build it. CASHAA’s whitepaper clearly defines that from architectural point of view, it is divided into 5 main component layers namely CASconnect, CASnet, CASfabric, CASchain and CASfiat. Each layer addresses a different aspect.

Associations: CASHAA has associations with some very reputed players in this domain like AUXESIS group, Qtum and Agrello Foundation. It is going to leverage the well-established AUXLEDGER platform made by AUXESIS group. So it has shown that CASHAA is trusted by already established enterprises which further enhances its credibility. All the information about its associations is clearly mentioned in the whitepaper.

Clearly defined utility : You should be clear about what your product can do and what is cannot do. CASHAA’s whitepaper clearly defines the utility and scope of its products.

Details of its products : CASHAA offers digital wallets, physical and virtual cards, micro-lending facilities and peer-to-peer exchange facilities. All the minute details of the products are clearly mentioned in the whitepaper. It also mentions the benefits associated with each product and also how these are better alternatives as compared to the existing ones.

Past achievements and future roadmap : It has mentioned the past achievements and the future plans of the group along with the proper timeline. It shows that it has always been promising in meeting deadlines and proper evaluation of nitty-gritties of its plans. It has also defined its priorities clearly.

Details of Token specifications and distribution : It mentions the how and what percentage of tokens are available to whom. It also give details of token sales i.e. rates and discounts. CASHAA is listed on HITBTC, IDEX, FUBT, ETHERDELTA and one can buy its CAS tokens from these exchanges. Other places where CASHAA is listed are TOKEN STORE, COINMARKETCAP and COINMARKET CAL.




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ACQUIRED REVENUE (e.g. acquisition of fast growth company) ORGANIC REVENUE (e.g. internal process optimization )




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