The power to change the world is officially in your hands. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable us to secure election wins for candidates of our choosing. Readily available are vast public datasets of demography applicable to election campaigns around the world and the more developed the country the more data we have access to. These datasets should be augmented with our own proprietary data sources (e.g. social media monitoring for clustering of voter blocks with distinctive consistent sentiments towards each candidate/ party). Training of machine learning models will take weeks to months and automated optimization of ad design and delivery tailored to each regions culture, dialect/slang, everything will be analyzed on micro and macroscopic levels above and beyond human ability to find actionable insights (actions that will be tried, tested, and optimized automatically by artificial intelligence with minimal human input required)

This project will only work with you or someone of your choosing. I won’t even try if you aren’t interested in pursuing this project.