Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:06 PM

Your work fascinates me

I don't understand how humans can ever be capable of such evil acts

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:08 PM

Like it would be so well impossible I am of the opinion humans are biologically inherently "GOOD" defined here as upper echelon society modern says is good but more than laws of chimpanzee colonies

We feel it

We know right

We know wrong

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:10 PM

Same way borders colors creeds languages prayer choice time or direction all those people throw the most random collection of people around the world into a room what will they all universally understand instantly on sight ?

The Smile 😁

The frown 😭

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:12 PM

What feels good to me always seems right and the more good I do the better I feel about it and the more I expose my own flaws and weakness to the people I love which I am blessed with a lot of loving friends and family so it's easy for me to develop fast being around good people I love trust and can take constructive feedback and optimize

Everyday my family makes me a better man

I am proud to say I believe at least in my opinion I am net positive to the universe and my stock is rising

That's me being metaphorically silly sorry

Jesse West James

Jesse West James 12:15 PM

Anyways I know you are busy but if you would be so kind as to share a white papers I will translate on my end np 👍 or if you can't i understand and if your still reading thank you Bye for now contact me my WhatsApp is +1 250 880 2346 it's Canada Victoria BC Canada

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